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Full Version: Narrow boat nursery's .
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Lately i have heard of narrow boats being turned into nurseries for adult baby holidays
travelling the canals of England . Excluding mummies and daddies the nursey could accommodate three babies at one time . The boats having all mod cons like plumbing and electrics with berthing sites at different places on the canals . A great way to have a relaxed slow paced holiday while seeing parts of the country you would never see being in a car and a total babying experience .
It certainly sounds like a different experience and one which I am sure will have a great many takers. You’ll have me looking out for evidence of them when I’m in my locale now. 

Are you tempted yourself?
I live right next to a canal in Scotland, my imagination is going to be running wild everytime a narrow boat goes by
Sure is an interesting idea and many will enjoy it. No canals near me Sad
Why, were you thinking you might like to go on one, afp?  Wink
Wasn’t thinking of going on one even though I agree the idea of it is great.
Sounds like a great idea.  Quite a few canals in London … will have to keep my eyes open.
Haven't heard of anything but whilst possible seems a bit exposed?
I suppose it depends what the holiday consists of. While on the narrow boat there probably isn’t a huge amount of exposure but for anyone who might happen to be using the tow path. If they’re taking you out in strollers to all the attractions on route then that of course is another matter.
Wow would love to know more about this. Is there anywhere that would have info on this?
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