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Full Version: Narrow boat nursery's .
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That's a really good idea. I've always wanted to travel the British canals. I've seen it on tv a couple of times and it looks really serene.

As a fun activity.. but probably also a legitimately good business idea. I've thought about stuff like this as well in the past, talked to some people about it. If I had the money to invest in a little holiday house (or a boat, although DO NOT underestimate the responsibilities and cost of boat ownership) I'm crazy enough to do it... unfortunately, I'm not that rich.
I suppose you could create a half decent imitation of a babied holiday experience with a tent in the garden if you’re any good at role play.  Wink
Yes, except in my case half the neighbourhood would be able to see it..  Blush I prefer the house boat option, narrow or otherwise.
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