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Full Version: Sucking my thumb with my 'ticket'
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I've been a thumb sucker my whole life but I also have my own version of a security blanket, my 'ticket', the little label you get on clothes that give you instructions on washing and ironing them. I love the feel of rubbing it between my fingers as I suck my thumb, it's incredibly calming and I go into a blind panic if I lose it. Does anyone else still feel the same way about their childhood security blankets?
That is an interesting comment and not a subject which has been covered a great deal. I don’t really have a security blanket per se but I do know what you mean with regards to tickets on clothing. 

Is there something particularly special about your’s or could you replace it with a similar ticket?
I must have had hundreds of them over the years. I've lost some but mostly they just get worn out and lose that lovely silky feel. There's a certain size that's just perfect, I'm constantly on the look out for replacements.
My big cousin was a thumb sucker . She had to have the laciest or satin hankies to dry her thumb with and liked the feel of the hankies on her face as she sucked . Her thumb was replaced by a part of me that also got the hanky treatment . Hence my fetish and conditioning .
I've never been lucky enough to get that kind of treatment unfortunately but I know that's where my fetish for the feel of anything silky or satin came from.