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Full Version: Heather by Conan Grey
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Nice to see a popular music video end with a guy in a skirt.

On The Late Late Show with James Corden

Official music video
It’s great to see, sgbf. I suspect it’s a convention to represent the Heather he talks about but it would have been so easy to hand the part to a female.
Yes sgbf great to see and of course he looks good in the skirt, nice tribute to Heather.
The imagery of the material surrounding Conan for most of the video -- sheer semi-diaphanous fabric fluttering in the breeze -- is very suggestive of a loose and flowing dress.  And then the fabric falls to the ground, revealing Conan in a skirt, suggesting that he is no longer hiding that mental image.  Just a thought that occurred to me while watching the video.  

After watching Conan's "Official" Heather video, I see him imagining himself transforming into Heather.  The whole awakening/showering/dressing imagery is very sensuous, as he imagines himself transforming into Heather.  It all makes me wonder just what happened on that 3rd of December, besides Conan trying on Heather's sweater.  
I like that interpretation- hope you’re right.  Big Grin
He will be living as a woman within a few years
Good for him - I can highly recommend it.  Wink
(10-11-2020, 04:09 PM)Girlygirl Wrote: [ -> ]I like that interpretation- hope you’re right.  Big Grin

The lyrics would seem to support it.