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Full Version: An unforgettable experience
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The girl you met in the bar last night promised you an experience you'd never forget. You fell completely for her charms and went back to her place.

But this wasn't at all the experience you expected, but she was absolutely right that you'd never forget it.


Big Grin Typical male - thinking with his appendage instead of his head.  Big Grin

The worst bit is that he hasn’t woken up yet - who knows what more she’ll have thought of before morning  Wink
I can't help thinking that he's not only awake, but completely aware of what she's doing to him.

I think she's teased him so much that he's agreed to do whatever she wishes, and when she says she'd like him to lay across her lap for having been a naughty boy he agrees as he by now can't resist her. But what he wasn't expecting was that she'd spread his cheeks and insert a vibrator up him.
Great depiction. A boy will do almost anything for a strong beautiful girl.
That sounds like the voice of experience, afp! Do tell more!
(10-03-2020, 06:15 PM)Ali Wrote: [ -> ]That sounds like the voice of experience, afp! Do tell more!
Yes I’d love to. I’m a bit shy, so not just yet, sorry for keeping everyone in suspense. My shyness is slowly been overcome though, as in a couple of other threads I’ve posted to.


I had noted that actually, afp and it has been good reading more about your experiences these past few weeks.  Big Grin