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Full Version: The housekeeper's revenge
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Your parents have a housekeeper who is loyal and hard-working, but you have no respect for her, and put her down whenever you see her.

When they go on holiday she extracts her revenge. She makes you dress as her maid to help clean the house, and makes you wear a nappy so that you don't have to interrupt your work for toilet breaks.
Love the picture and of course very suitable punishment, maybe you get to like the nappy and maids outfit.
A very fetching outfit there, Ali. After a few hours in a wet nappy, one will most certainly think before speaking in future.  Big Grin
I like the idea of a naughty boy being made into a floor cleaner. Clean out and plug his bottom with a remote control plug, thick nappies, plastic pants, a footed sleeper with mittens over his feet so it's impossible to walk, only crawl. Knee and elbow pads and mouth dummied.

Put to work scrubbing bathroom floors and tubs, toilets, laundry and kitchen floors and any other hard flat surfaces.

A week of that from his strict housekeeper turned Nanny, along with early bedtimes after long bathbrush paddlings and he won't be dismissive in the future.
No one can say you don’t have an imagination, Wailer. It is certainly treatment that wouldn’t be forgotten in a hurry.