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Over the last year or two I have been presented with some appropriately worded frillies, to leave me in no doubt as to the inadequacy of my reproductive organs. In a further humiliation, I’ve now been asked to suggest some more suitably adorned undergarments.

I’m told that 16 letters is currently the maximum, and I have to put forward four for approval. Would anyone like to suggest some possibilities that I might consider.
They certainly are some very prissy undergarments you have there. I suppose you can rest safe in the knowledge that even if a casual passerby sees them, they are unlikely to be able to read them. 

‘Soft weakling’

‘Limp appendage’

‘Sissy cock’
Thank you for those good suggestions, Girlygirl!
Nothing to See



Back Hole Only

Damp Patch
Thank you also rubberpinafore. More good ideas!
Pretty Cocklette

Little Nubbie

Sensitive PeePePee

Princess Peenie
Ooh! Some good ones there pinkaces. Thanks very much for those suggestions.
Laugh Away
Joke 'boi'
True - he's a sissy!
Limited Release
(09-21-2020, 10:16 AM)sissysoft Wrote: [ -> ]Laugh Away
Joke 'boi'
True - he's a sissy!
Limited Release
Thank you for those sissysoft. I certainly don't need reminding about the last one, with my latest three week cycle only a week in. Sigh!
Wee Willy Winkey . Little lollipop . Silly spunky sissy . Sissy pink maggot .
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