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Full Version: Exquisite humiliation
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The exquisite humiliation of being dressed as a baby girl and being paraded in front of your Mummy's friends...
Exquisite most certainly you’d want to fade away but then again what a thrill and why hide something so cute, thanks Ali.
With a nappy or fancy detailed nappy cover fully on display this because baby girl clothing is always short of hem coverage - how cute can you get ?
And best be sucking on the paci least saying something babyish revealing how much you relish your fate ! Ga-ga - Goo-goo !
That’s one seriously mature baby. Nappies AND stilettos.  Big Grin
Make those stilettos high enough and the only option for that mature baby will be crawling around and with all that nappy bulk the
center of gravity for balancing will be offset - with a neat side effect of falling down on well padded material maybe squishing the
contents ! Oh the ecstasy of a comfortable landing and a well padded nappy helps with resisting chastity foreplay. No feeling to play with !

Come dear and show these visiting guests all the features of what you are wearing - - -
I have experienced that situation more times than i can count . Being changed fed and milked as well in front of them . Sometimes by them .
(09-17-2020, 04:58 AM)Girlygirl Wrote: [ -> ]That’s one seriously mature baby. Nappies AND stilettos.  Big Grin

Are you trying to tell us you’ve never worn nappies and stilettos?! x
I have as it goes, but generally it took the form of wearing a nappy under my secretary uniform (or latterly under my stewardess uniform). I’m not sure I was ever put in stilettos while wearing quite such a babyish outfit.  Wink
I was teasing you ;-)

I was never made to wear nappies and stilettos either. It does conjure up some intriguingly humiliating possibilities though, doesn’t it ?
Well as I say, I’ve been there just not under the guise of baby punishment. Perhaps most notably, my lockdown petticoating involved me wearing a secretary uniform with stilettos and with nappies underneath (to reduce bathroom use and therefore infection potential). 

I also had to carry out chores such as clearing the attic and mowing the lawn during this period - which as you can imagine made for quite a challenge while wearing such an outfit.  Big Grin
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