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Full Version: Sandy rust and the bladder flush .
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Recently my mummy has noticed rusty looking sandy deposits in my my nappy . The doctor told her that it was very fine calcium deposits like micro kidney stones and that i should be better hydrated and go for checkups every six months . Mummy now will give me a bladder wash/ flush to remove any of it from my bladder and is making sure i drink at least four pints of water a day . I know compared to other people . I at times am chronically dehydrated . Unless it's something like beer i can only drink when i get so thirsty i can't ignore it . I am now needing my nappy changed about seven times a day now compared with the four i usually would need . It's a lot more work for mummy and my other sitters but mummy thinks that i have shown that i am incapable of looking after myself and that she needs to take over my every day life .
Frequent enemas would help.
I hope it works out for you, Bill. A little inconvenient maybe but hopefully it will be beneficial for you health wise and a pattern you will soon grow accustomed to.  Smile
I hope the extra hydration clears up the problem, Bill. Kidney stones are risky as well as excrutiatingly painful. I hope you get better soon!
Aye, GWS and hope this passes quickly. That said, isn't the extra attention a side bonus? A fresh nappy more frequently has to be a plus.