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Full Version: Sorority humiliation
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He thought that breaking into the girls' sorority house would be great fun, and give him something to boast about to his mates. Stealing their knickers, taking photos of himself in their bedrooms ... who knew where his fun would end?

But he hadn't planned on getting caught, and he ended up being thoroughly humiliated by the girls. They stripped him naked and then dressed his as their little baby. The girl in whose bedroom he was found was furious. Once they'd thoroughly humiliated him she put him over her knee for a sound and prolonged spanking.

*Click on the links 'humiliated by the girls' and 'over her knee' to see the images. The links are quite safe.
Well, he won’t learn unless they teach him. I don’t think he’ll be so quick to brag to his mates afterwards, though.  Big Grin A great story for the girls, though and one that I’m sure will feature in the yearbook.  Wink
Ali, extremely expressive Art