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Full Version: Risky Release
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From a different thread we were musing over the idea of sex in public (rightly or wrongly) and the risk of getting caught.  I am not so much interested in where you had the most public sex, rather where you had your riskiest release in public or elsewhere.  

Due to my circumstances, I am always in rubber knickers and a plastic nappy under my usual clothes so for me to "pantie pump" without causing any tell tale signs or embarrassment to members of the public.  With this knowledge my wife likes to command me to cum in all sorts of interesting spots.  I am usually forewarned it's going to happen as my wife will put a condom on me and check later to make sure the evidence is present and then use my product as my "reward".

Lifts, cinemas, changing rooms, restaurants, taxis- the list is fairly extensive, but one of the most unusual performances was during a cookery class.  I was in chef whites and an extra PVC apron (see other thread) and my wife insisted that I perform every class.  I felt ever so guilty but t was such a thrill do get a massive release surrounded by ladies in their uniforms and aprons.

How about you?  Any memorable risky money shots?
That certainly sounds like an interesting game though it strikes me that you have likely received some sort of feedback if you are regularly releasing in public.  Big Grin Still, if you can release on command, that’s a positive sign of sorts I suppose.  Wink
No one, to my knowledge, has the slightest idea I have cum in public and I certainly can't "release on command". I do have to stay in a certain situation until I can produce a release or face my wife and her disciplinary actions.

It is a fun game most of the time as it involves risk, an element of danger, humiliation and pleasing my wife. And it is not a regular thing either as it would then become "normal" and predictable.