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Full Version: Pansy Playwear for Effeminate Candypuffs
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Sometimes I like to draw fashion ideas for boys and adult males being effeminised.

This combo set in girly cotton is perfect for weekends playing at home with sister and her friends or for wearing to the park to play kiss chase with the boys.

Essentially a knickers and matching top set, it has an optional sheer skirt to partially hide a boi’s blushes in public. Recommended to be worn with an absorbent panty pad at the very least, to prevent embarassing panty puddles of the excitable kind, inevitable when partaking in games with the boys, or when teased by girls.

The outfit is modelled here by an 18 year old male undergoing homosexualisation and effeminacy tuition.

The earnings were an idea given to me by my personal trainer, who I obviously call Daddy.
I like it, Boitinkerbell.

Any young lad fortunate to receive such a set for Christmas couldn’t help but get in touch with his feminine side. The optional extras means he can engage with as much or as little of it as he likes (or if he is under the tuition of a mistress, as she likes).