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Full Version: Terry nappies
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My partner is obsessed with keeping my nappies white!
We have been together 5 years and I had about 6 or 7 Terry nappies I used regularly, once my girlfriend noticed how grey they were she made me order some more new ones. She washes all of them now and uses whitener in the was as well as soaking them in nappy San. She actually gets annoyed if I was them myself! She knew nothing of the ABDL life style before meeting me, now she has accepted who or what I am and is just awesome at accepting me.
Anyone else lucky enough to be in the same position?  
I still feel guilty sometimes when I come home and 4 or 5 nappies are hanging out on the line, but I love her more for accepting me.
Line-drying nappies/diapers will produce the best whitening.  Sunshine bleaches without destroying the cotton fabric.  Beware chlorine-based bleaches, they can degrade the cotton fibers.  And hanging one's nappies/diapers out on the clothesline in the back yard is a suitably humiliating experience for any diaper-sissy.  

You are so lucky that your partner has accepted you and your nappies.  
It sounds like she’s done more than accept you; she comes across as being more enthusiastic than you are.  Big Grin
Great relationship! It is an erotic experience when your significant other makes requirements. I would venture a guess that you are admonished if you are careless and get your diapers stained, or does she require rubber pants?
I always remember my nappies being soaked in Miltons fluid and then boiled with Lux soap flakes lol . The washing line was always full of my nappies and panties . Any old discoloured ones were cut up and used as washcloths or dusters .
I'd much rather my wife did the laundry than me, you're very lucky indeed.