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Full Version: On Your Toes
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Quite literally...

As punishment my wife likes to insert an inflatable butt plug into me and increase the size of the intruder using an oversized inflation bulb.  Leaving the bulb and hose in situ, she then locks me into a very sturdy and tight plastic nappy, before I am dressed in the rest of my uniform.

I am then free to begin my household chores but obviously very aware of my inflated back side and that every time I want to sit down, I will increase the size of my insert.  Question- keep on feet all day long or risk sitting down and expanding my anal plug every time I need to take the weight off?

My wife does come up with some really difficult challenges for me.
Better find some degree of a fetal position getting the weight off the toes (feet) and the butt !
Oh and don't get caught taking that fetal (fatal) break from your duties !
That's exactly what I do- but don't tell my wife.