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Full Version: Dummies and masks in the time of COVID-19
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We do have a couple used for experimental purposes... can be very stimulating indeed.
I would think it far odder if I saw someone wearing a gas mask with a regular mask.  Big Grin
You mean a rubber hood under a gas mask? Done that too- but not in public. Here's a game my wife likes. I am in a thick rubber hood and then a gas mask is strapped over it. Attached to the breathing hose is one of my wife's hollow dildo's which she uses to pleasure herself until she orgasms. This involves breath control while I benefit from my wife's aromas. It's a very powerful experience.
What a lovely idea!

A dummy behind your mask, and a nappy on under your trousers! x
(08-24-2020, 07:23 PM)Ali Wrote: [ -> ]What a lovely idea!

A dummy behind your mask, and a nappy on under your trousers! x

It makes for an interesting image. I can imagine I would spend so long wondering which was more likely to give me away that I would end up giving myself away. 

As I’ve said elsewhere, in the cold light of day and without any other visual cues to lead the public towards the correct conclusion, the public would more likely wonder why you were making facial contortions beneath your mask than why you were sucking a dummy; in that respect trying to keep the nappy secret would become doubly essential.
They would probably just think that he was chewing gum while wearing his mask . I saw a girl trying to separate her gum from her mask when she tried to blow a bubble and it stuck to the inside of her mask lol .
I wear makeup under my mask all the time, Yvette-Louise but as an air stewardess and someone who otherwise presents as a woman anyway, there is nothing much different there.  Big Grin
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