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Full Version: Playing with my dollies
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One of the supreme joys of being my wife's little baby girl is being able to play with my dollies. I simple adore dressing them in pretty clothes and taking them for rides around the garden in one of my two dolls' prams. I now have 15 dolls and they all have special names so I can talk to them. I always take at least one to bed and sometimes two and cuddle them all night. One of Mummy's punishments when I am naughty is to lock my dollies away for the weekend which is awful and makes me cry.

Do other baby girls on this forum feel the same way as me? I know some little girls prefer teddy bears but they are for boys and I do not like them at all.


Wendy Jane
I was never made to play with dollies, funnily enough. I had teddy bears and building blocks. And I was often given a babyish colouring in book to play with, but never dollies.

It's a shame, I suppose. When I was fully lifted out in my nappy and frilly baby knickers, which often matched my dress, and with a little pair of frilly ankle socks and Mary Janes I looked pretty much like an oversized dolly myself.
I love playing with my dollies and mummy likes to help me when I change there dresses I love my dollies so much
I love my teddies, not into dollies although I have some in the playpen. All my teddies live in my cot with me and I hug them all night long when mummy secures me in my cot.