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Full Version: Looking for a trainer was Help!
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I'm 65, male and bladder incontinent so have to wear nappies 24/7 which is why  I originally  became an AB to help me cope.    However,  I have been reading PDQ for some years and have developed an interest in forced feminization, any such relationship would have to be non sexual.  I am looking for someone in or around the Cardiff area of South wales  (but can travel) that may be able to help me investigate this side of me.  I am also able to travel if you can accomodate. I don't see myself as a sissy girl more a sissy baby boy or my prefeered role would be as a siisy boy in nappies, but that would be up to the lady in charge.  I have develope gynocomastia due to a very low testosterone level, so would probaly need a traing bra at least.  I'm also interested in some mild humiliation possibly involving other women.  This is a completly new direction for me so am adaptable and mouldable for the right lady.  I would prefer a situation where other men aren't involved if you want to know why look at "my early life" in the stories section.

If this sounds like someone you could work with then please contact me.