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Full Version: Looking for a Petticoated letter...
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Hello friends and Superiors,

I remember reading a letter (perhaps story) contributed to Petticoated some time ago, and am having the hardest time finding it again, I was hoping some one here might be able to help.

In it, the the author explains how they knew they were a sissy at a young age, and their parents didn't like it/cast them out of the house.  However, their grandmother allowed the author to move in with her.  In time, the author was allowed to be more and more feminine, and performed more house work and service for their grandmother.  Eventually, the author is given a perm and a purse of their own, as well as a sissy name (I believe), and allowed to live openly as their grandmothers sissy companion/servant.   This goes on for years until grandmother passes on.  However, the sissy is then "inherited" by her Aunt, who was also friendly with Grandmother and present for some of the more monumental occasions. 

Does this sound familiar to anybody? 

Thanking you in advance Big Grin