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Full Version: Sent to girls' school in a nappy
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It was humiliating enough for the boy to be sent to a girls' school, and have to wear the regulation girls' uniform of a little sailor top and short skirt.

But just imagine the teasing he'll get when the girls find out that his mother has made him wear a nappy as well!
It's the best fantasy combo of being a middle, getting to wear a girl's school uniform, and being put in a nappy.

It's also the worst possible combo you could ever have to go through for real. The humiliation of even having to wear a girl's uniform (or any girls' clothes for that matter) would be humiliating enough for a boy, then you'd have to suffer the embarrassment of having to go outside and be seen in public, not only that, but at school, which is somehow worse than just 'in public'. Not only that, but it's a girl's school, so there's no escaping the girly-ness. Then, the final act of humiliation - being put back in nappies - that you have to wear to school! I can't even begin to imagine what that would have been like. (But I'm going to try!)

I also love how the skirt his mother has made him wear is so much shorter than the skirts worn by the other girls. It's almost as if his mother *wants* the girls to see his nappy ;-)