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For afp, myself, and anyone else who might be enjoying this, here is...

Part 5
Here you go, Mistress, Miss Hairbrush.
Give Miss hairbrush a kiss, little Donna. She is going to be doing lots of work and she needs some encouragement.
<kiss> There you go Miss Hairbrush.
Very good, little Donnie. Now say how much you love Miss Hairbrush for helping us in this way.
I love you, Miss Hairbrush, for your sacrifice in helping us.
That's so nice. Now bend over here. Let me take down your new panties. Later on, we are going to have to replace all of your old underwear with pretty colourful new panties and bras and slips and bodybriefers and corsets and garter belts and stockings and pantihose for the nice new girly girl in our home.
Yes, Mistress Blake.
Very good princess Donna. But first, before you get to wear all of those exciting new clothes, you need to learn to be a good little baby girl, now don't you?
Yes Mommy, ...
That's nice little Donna, feel free to call me mommy whenever you feel like a very young little girly girl. You didn't get to feel that when you were a real baby, now did you?
No, Mommy.
After your spanking, I have a treat for you. And don't think you are getting just one spanking. This is just the first of a few spankings that will teach you to wash away your feelings of independance. We can't do all of that at one go now, can we?
No, Mommy, I guess not.
If you are able to let go effectively and quickly, then I will only have to spank you a few times. If not, then well, we will see how many times it might take.
Yes, Mommy. I'm scared Mommy. I don't want it to hurt.
Of course not sweetheart. That's the whole point. You focus on doing what we both want you to do, so that you can avoid the pain of a spanking. I don't want to have to spank you either. But your conditioning runs deep, after so many years. That is why we must bring back your feelings of being a young little baby girl.
I understand, Mommy. I'm scared, but with you loving me and telling me what to do, I can do it.
Yes, my dear Donna, you can do it and you will.
Now brace yourself, this eventually will hurt, and hurt a lot. I expect you to cry, so here is a pillow for your face. Oh, and here are two thumbless mittens to keep your hands safely above your head. There you go, one, now the other, and you see how easily they are attached together? There we go.
All you have to do is cry this time. Let it all out. That's right. Feel free to make all the noise you want to, no one is around to hear, and it is music to my ears, knowing that you are letting out all of your old thoughts about yourself to disappear.
Very sweet mommy. Poor Donna having to endure Miss Hairbrush, ouch! but it’s worth it for later on, we are going to have to replace all of your old underwear with pretty colourful new panties and bras and slips and bodybriefers and corsets and garter belts and stockings and pantihose for the nice new girly girl in our home. Thanks sgbf. I sure hope more readers are enjoying the story too.
Encouraging to read that you are enjoying the story. Here is ...

Part 6
There, there. That was a very good cry, now wasn't it?
Yessss, ugggh, Mommy, I criiiied a looooot. Ugggg.
Here let me wipe off your face. You can give Miss Hairbrush a nice kiss and tell her thank you.
<kiss> Thank you Miss Hairbrush for all of your effort and hard work. I am sorry that you had to be used in this way.
That is a very nice thank you, Donna. I appreciate your enthusiasm and your getting into your new life. Please continue to be creative and try things out. I encourage you embracing your new role and new way of thinking and being. Don't be afraid of trying new things out. Only be careful to do well the specific things that I ask you to do, OK? Understood?
Yes, Mistress Blake.
Your bum is ever so red. Here you go. This should sooth the hotness.
Ouch, yes! It is very sore and tender.
Yes, I thought as much. So no pretty panties for you. No, I have this surprise for you. A nice soft diaper. And of course pretty plastice panties to cover them! See the cute bear and bunny designs? Just perfect for my sweet princess baby Donnetta.
It is very babyish, Mommy.
Don't you just love it?
I guess so. It's just, well, so babyish.
Yes, dear, that's the point. From now on, until I feel you have learned what you need to learn, you will be in diapers and baby clothes, cute baby girl clothes. I want you to dream of the day when you can wear regular girl panties, and then one day, when you have learned what I believe you need to learn, then one day, you will graduate to getting to wear a training bra and big girl clothes. Maybe even sexy clothes. Don't worry though, every morning you will get a taste of that because I have a couple of cute sissy maid outfits for you to wear as you take care of the domestic duties around the house. Then when all that is done, the rest of the day is in your new baby clothes. If you are really good, I might not make you wear diapers when you are in your maid's uniform, but that will only be on very special occasions at first.
Yes, Mistress.
OK now, come over and lay over here on top of your first of many diapers. Don't you love the smell of baby oil and talcum power? I'm sure that you will grow to love the smell and the feel. We don't want you to get a diaper rash, especially when you wet your diaper.
What? Wet my diaper?
Now, now sweet Donnetta, what did I tell you about when I take you by surprise? Mustn't ever forget to address me without a title. 
You want me to wet my diaper, Mistress Blake?
Don't you think it better to refer to me as Mommy when you are talking about your diaper, little Donnetta?
Yes, Mommy. But I don't need to go in my diaper. I can hold it and use the toilet.
Well, that is true now. But think about being in your crib from 6:00pm until 7:00am after drinking all the liquids that I will require you to drink before bedtime. I am pretty sure that you will not be able to hold it in for that much time and I won't have you getting out of your crib unsupervised.
What?!? In a crib for more than 12 hours, without being able to get out?
Now you see why I mentioned that one spanking would never do. I know that your bum is really sore now, but before I put you off to bed tonight, I am going to have to spank you again. You are not getting it that you are now totally dependant on me, your Mommy, Mistress and Queen. Are you?
No, I guess not. Mistress. You are right, I have a lot to learn, or rather unlearn.
That is right. I am so glad that you are starting to see what we are both up against.
Mistress and Princess Baby, I’m intrigued as I never knew “princess baby”

Very enjoyable nicely written chapter, thanks
You're welcome afp. Here is the end ...

Part 7
Wow. I didn't think it would be quite this hard. Mistress.
Well, we are replacing old habits with new habits. And it takes time. For both of us. But you have convinced me that you need this and I see how it can be very helpful for me and my confidence and self-assurance. I am feeling much more powerful now than I felt even a few hours ago. Don, do you realize that you did not once resist me when I asked you to put on my panties. When I suggested that you wear my school dress. Don, a school girl's dress. You, my husband and a man. You didn't balk at my suggestion of trying on a chastity device. I was sure that that would be where we stopped tonight. But no, you meekly, or no, you are certainly not a meek man, but you are a submissive man. There would be no way I could endure the spanking I gave you tonight. And the spanking. You took it. You took it all, crying and all. I know that I gave you a purpose for the crying, but Don, what man and husband would allow, no beg, Don you begged me to spank you. What man would do such a thing, except one who needs, really needs to feel submissive and controlled by a loving partner. Well, I have discovered that I am fine to grow into that loving parnter that you need. I must admit, that I too am very surprised that I am not that uncomfortable with the role. It is not very comfortable at the moment, as it is all so new, but I am certain that I will grow into loving, and well, also needing this in my life. And Don, you didn't once say anything when I started to call you little Donnie, Donna, for heaven's sake Don, a girls name didn't faze you. And then little Donnetta. Donnetta, Don. Here you are, slathered in baby oil, baby powder, a diaper, plastic panties, oh yeah, where did I put that, here you go a nice adult sized pacifier. See Don, see! You opened your mouth and didn't even flinch when I put a baby's pacifier in your mouth! What grown man does that? I'll tell you what man. A grown man who really needs to have the experience of being babied by his loving partner. A man who gets to experience first hand a bit of what it is like to grow up as a little girl, then an older girly girl, then a teenage girl with her first training bra, then a young adult girl who is very useful as a maid and home maker. Does all of that disgust you or exite you, Don? Tell me.
I'm sorry, Mistress, it excites me. I'm so sorry.
No Don, you misunderstand me. No need to be sorry about that. Be sorry about hiding this from me. Now that it is out in the open, we can start to rebuild our life together. Into one that we both will be satisfied with. I am so glad that I came across your web site interests now, rather than years later when we would have built so much of our lives on a lie, well not so much a lie as an incomplete foundation.
Thank you Mistress Blake. Thank you. I don't know what to say, but thank you. You are amazing and I am thrilled to be under your guidance and under your wing. Please take me and make me. I am yours.
Yes you are, Donna, yes you are. And I am your Mistress, Queen and for now, your Mommy. 
Now go get me the scissors and your wallet.
Thanks for an enjoyable and beautiful final part. They will have a very comfortable life together.
(05-10-2020, 11:48 AM)afp Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for an enjoyable and beautiful final part. They will have a very comfortable life together.

Welcome afp. I like stories that are win-win, fun, with submissive and feminization challenges.
(04-29-2020, 06:11 PM)sgbf Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks afp, much appreciated reading what you appreciated.  Shy

I agree. Nice read. How I thought it was two guys talking at first, well it must have been her name.
I wonder if you can show more time passing by using paragraph breaks. Feels rushed to me but that also might be me wanting to know what is happening next.
 I am also wondering if there isn’t another way to explain the chastity device as a device to make his orgasms more incredible? Instead of calling it a chastity devise. Granted any man who has looked at porn online will have stumbled upon them and know what they are about. But to be told I have heard from Sue at work that this is a way to make your mans orgasms out of this world would certainly be agreeable to most men.  For those who know about them this is an opportunity to play with one and for those who don’t know about them and opportunity for a super orgasm.  Who doesn’t want an incredible orgasm?

(05-10-2020, 11:48 AM)afp Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for an enjoyable and beautiful final part. They will have a very comfortable life together.

Ha. Life can be long. I refuse to believe that this is the final time we may hear from these two. It is said that it is a small world. They have friends, family and coworkers. Friends they have not met as yet. No this is not the end. This is as is said, ‘The Begining’. They will eventually have adventures with the people from other stories.

I am curious as to what the women feel when they put all the pieces together and find the husbands hidden fantasies. From hate to I can do this. What are the stories?
So. Can we get a story about Blake making her discovery and thought processes?
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