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Full Version: Sissy nappy punishment
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Your mother has pulled you across her lap and given you a sound spanking. She's then pulled your little nappy back up and pinned your dress up with one of your nappy pins, and made you stand in the corner.

You try to protest that your little sister will be home soon, and that she may have some of her friends with her, but your mother is determined. You will suffer sissy nappy punishment for the next two days, whoever might witness it.
The dummy adds an extra layer of punishment. Even moreso somehow when not in full 'baby punishment'. You're allowed your big girl clothes (even though they're still yukky girls' clothes) but you're not trusted enough to be allowed to wear your knickers, and have been put back into nappies. And to reinforce your babyishness, you're given a dummy just to show everyone, even after your dress is allowed down to it's normal position, just what a baby you are.

A dummy can be a really powerful tool in punishing a wayward boy.

I was often given one for my nappy change. It not only reinforced the incredibly babyish position I was in, but it also stopped me crying out, or pleading not to be put into another nappy.
My dummy is usually attached with a short clip to my top. I often have it in my mouth as a comfort things.

If Daddy puts my dummy in my mouth, it's my "mute button" as he jokes. I'm not allowed to speak and not allowed to take it out.
That was always the point of a dummy for me too - I wasn't allowed to spit it out, and when I had it in I wasn't allowed to speak.

It was a very powerful babying device. I knew I *could* spit it out, but I daren't.