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Full Version: What is the worst nappy punishment you have had to endure?
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The thing about having a catheter in is that you are not aware of wetting . Your bladder just constantly drains into your nappy . It's not until you try to move or stand that you realize just how wet you are or if you are that wet your spring a leak .
Girlygirl, You replied, that you wore someone else's dirty diaper. That sounds extremely humiliating!

As my mistress read it, she announced, she will use my diaper as a toilet as well for punishments!

Does someone experiences this kind of discipline?
It wasn’t exactly ideal but it was in retrospect something that my sister and I brought on by protesting our original punishment in the way that we did. 

It is an interesting way of putting it that she is going to ‘use your diaper’. Presumably she means that she will use the toilet and then transfer the contents. TBH, from what I remember of it, the dirty nappy wasn’t so very different from any other dirty nappy I had experienced in terms of texture and smell, it was more the fact that I had already spent time in a used nappy so it ended up being quite a long stint and of course the humiliation both in knowing that I was wearing someone else’s dirty nappy and the changing process to get to that position in the first place that was notable.
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