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Full Version: Lesley's Trubute
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I hope all members will read Lesley's Tribute to PDQ in the latest issue. There's an entertaining and informative discussion of the early history and even prehistory of PDQ.

Thank you, Ms Lesley!
Lesley's artiicle is wonderful.

I go back with PDQ close to the creation myself.

What a trip down memory lane.

One other long recurring feature has been Christeen's petticoat art, with only a brief hiatus.
I have just read the tribute and it certainly takes one back.

I was intrigued that she thought Susan McDonald was not in the UK

As I recall there was a UK postcode related to the Grimsby area showing at one point. Lesley does mention Louth however.

As I live not too far away from that area I was tempted to make contact and seek a meeting. but then the sad news of her death was announced and the opportunity had gone.

Perhaps there was no potential if Lesley's information is correct.

Either way we have a great deal to be grateful to Susan McD for. I can't believe it is so long ago that she left us.

I suppose time flies when you are having fun Wink
I once corresponded with her . She told me that she came from the same area where I was brought up and knew several of the places that I mentioned . Even describing them . If she really lived there at some point she would have seen and known about the petticoating as it was quite common where I lived .
As far as I know Susan moved to Melbourne, Australia, in her latter years. I was living there at the time and we corresponded semi-regularly. She even sent me a card and a book once, which I still have. And treasure. I was hoping to eventually meet with her but then she fell ill and soon left us. Made me very sad. Still miss our correspondences.
Susan MacDonald was the instigator and owner of the free site. Despite the PO Box in Grimsby UK, 'she' was a male surgical doctor who lived and worked in Melbourne Australia, dying of cancer aged 62. I had this from her own email, and AFAIK had always lived in Australia. She was interested that other doctors were on the site. Great loss.
I have very much enjoyed reading it too. Selfishly I hoped to see reference to my published letter in 2005 but alas not lol.

It was very informative, it's such a wonderful siteĀ 

Thank you so much Lesley x
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