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Full Version: College Chastity Proposal
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There are many subscription-based websites that feature erotic material, including some extreme BDSM type scenarios. Nearly all of them appeal to men, and use women as actresses/performers. Even though I am a female supremacist, I have no problem with that. If a woman chooses to use her looks to earn money in a safe and consensual environment, that is certainly her right.
I think that women are less interested in erotic material than men, because of our evolutionary paths. Men, as traditional hunters, relied far more on eyesight than women, since talking during a hunt would scare a game animal. Even today, men still get most of their information through their eyes. Women, conversely, as traditional gatherers, gained better verbal and communication skills, since they worked closely together in groups to maintain a village, harvest crops, raise children, etc.
Can an erotic website, tailored to women, and featuring a BDSM theme, appeal to women and be financially successful? If so, I think it should promote an actual lifestyle commitment and focus more on conversations and emotional growth, rather than voyeurism and sexual activity. I think it should follow a serial, dramatic reality TV model, with a definitive ending.
Can a form of reverse "Fifty Shades of Gray" successfully appeal to women? Here is an idea on how to make it work.
The College Chastity Challenge
The funding goal is to raise about $300,000 per year through subscriptions. One scenario is that 1,200 donors would each buy a subscription at $1 per workday, or $5 a week for about 50 weeks. Wealthy donors could donate more, workplace groups and feminist organizations could buy group subscriptions, etc.
The average cost of tuition at a recognized university, for an undergraduate in the US, is about $50,000 per semester. And most students would be quite pleased to find a job that paid $50,000 per year (the equivalent of $20 an hour for a 40-hour week) while they are in school.
So the money would be distributed as follows:
$100,000 per year for tuition for a male student
$50,000 for an annual living allowance (about $1,000 per week) for which very little work or effort would be expected
The remainder split for (1) the webmistress/project coordinator, (2) a private investigator, and (3) a lifestyle coach and progress monitor. Also, legal services, business costs, and product development.
The catch is that the student would have to wear a chastity device and pantyhose while in school, and agree to a very strict monitoring regimen, and post in a daily blog.
Candidates would be selected from males who are, or are about to turn, 18 years of age, with no action taken before the selected candidate turns 18. Preference would be given to males who live with single moms or in sandwich (multiple females) households. There would be a one week trial period during which the male could opt-out with no penalty.
The commitment would work like this:
Every Sunday evening at 6PM the male would be required to apply the chastity device. The device would be a special, ultralightweight and undetectable, disposable single-use new design made using tyvek. Each would be individually numbered with a hidden, random ID and entirely tamperproof. Each would be equipped with an adhesive RFID tag that would be read by a cellphone, and would automatically send a text message to the coordinator if the device were tampered with, or if the cellphone were more than a few feet from the wearer.
Every weekday morning at 8AM the male would be required to put on a pair of pantyhose, a brand and style provided at random by the coordinator. He would then put on an adhesive tyvek ankle bracelet that would also have a unique, hidden random ID number.
Both events would be recorded live on a smartphone and sent live to the coordinator, and made available live and archived to the subscribers. Each ID number would be preassigned and known only to the coordinator.
At 6PM he could remove the pantyhose, also recorded live, and reveal the ID number hidden inside the bracelet, proving he did not remove the pantyhose and replace them during the day.
At 6AM on Saturday (or anytime thereafter), he would remove the chastity device the same way. He would then have 36 hours of partial freedom.
He would be issued a cellphone with GPS that he would be required to carry at all times. He could have consensual sex and travel on weekends as he pleases, but he would be prohibited from viewing porn or attending a bachelor party, strip club, etc. He would have to discuss any plans other than normal errands and socializing with his coach and receive approval beforehand. He would be required to answer the phone at all times and photograph his surroundings immediately to prove where he is, and, if instructed, proceed directly to the nearest safe space to send a photo of himself wearing the chastity and pantyhose. The coach would be known to him (presumably a professional woman or graduate student acting as a paid consultant on a part-time basis), while the private investigator would not, and she would frequently alter her appearance or use assistants that could include female students in his college.
The coach would arrange meetings at differing times of her convenience to assist with and encourage the male in his journey, while the investigator would spot-check, and follow him clandestinely at random times. Both could access his electronic devices and residence, at random times, by introducing themselves with a prearranged code word. This would prove he is not hiding, or has not accessed, any porn. They would be careful not to establish any pattern. The male must expect a visit or a monitoring at any or all times.
At the beginning of each semester, the website would pay his tuition in full, and the male would sign an agreement stating that any violation of the rules will result in termination, and he would be legally responsible for repaying the debt promptly. Each week, he would receive a debit card credited with $1000, or a lesser amount with fines assessed for any misbehavior (like rudeness, sloppiness, bad grades, etc.). He could buy back his money with extended time in chastity, or earn extra money if he agreed to special requests, like masturbating while supervised by his coach, wearing a bra for a day, wearing a girdle with garters instead of pantyhose for a day, having his ears pierced, being spanked, wearing bridal lingerie and a peignoir for a day, or receiving a henna tattoo with a message suggested by a website sponsor. At least twice during each semester he would be compelled to honor a special request as voted on by the subscribers, such as a day in an anime/sissy costume. All activity of the investigator and the coach would be recorded and shared on the website in the form of regular updates.
He would be prohibited from any Spring Break activities, with enhanced monitoring and extended chastity that week, since the whole point of all this is to prevent any sort of lewd or disrespectful behavior from occurring. He could receive his summertime allowance in advance, in a lump sum, if he agreed to work one week as a volunteer for a female-led not-for-profit. He could opt for an excuse from chastity and pantyhose (but not the cellphone monitoring) during a very few predetermined family events (such as Thanksgiving), but would forfeit the weekly salary if he chose this. Of course he would have to shave all body hair, and agree to not join a fraternity or play any rough team sports.
In the end, if the commitment lasts four years, he could receive as much as $200,000 in cash and a free college degree, which is quite appealing, since the only real action required is to refrain from masturbating for six days a week, and to refrain from any activity that could objectify or exploit women.
As for privacy, the male would not be identified by name, and his college would be undisclosed, but he would have to show his face and be comfortable with sharing intimate details of his life. As for socializing, I would presume that most women on campus would quite enjoy a boyfriend who has no ability to be unfaithful. Perhaps a sorority will embrace the idea, and the sisters will refuse to date men who do not wear chastity devices.
I can only think you have a lot of time on your hands Conway Wink
God I wish they had this. I am 36 and finishing grad school. I am in crazy debt. This would have been wonderful.
Just FYI, a man in Europe has already proven that this sort of idea is realistic, since he does pretty much the opposite of what I propose, and earns a living from the website that documents his work.

He makes the guest room in his residence available, for free, to young women. He provides them with a salary and takes them on shopping excursions, weekend trips, etc.

The catch is that they have to wear chastity belts, and some other mild restraints, in exchange for the lodging and gifts.

There is no sex and very little nudity. He must treat his guests well, since he has many attractive women as applicants, and has many return visitors.

He has a steady assistant, and in one case, helped a woman overcome an immigration issue by hiring her as a housekeeper. One woman stayed several months, locked in chastity.

For a woman who is not shy, this is far easier money than earned by waiting tables. Quite safe as well. Of course many of his models are college students, looking for part-time work to pay for school, or a cheap place to stay while traveling on holiday. He gives total privacy and clean, modern accommodations, better than couch surfing or a hostel.

My idea for a scholarship could easily be implemented in stages as funding allows. It could start small but grow to the full sort of monitoring commitment that would add drama to the endeavor, and make it popular.

I am hoping that some female entrepreneur will find this message and be inspired to make this a reality.
Can I sign up for this. In grad school.