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Full Version: Leggings and Boots Dream The AfterMath
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Chapter 1 
I a woke from my dream startled and alarmed. That dream was so realistic and down right weird. I’ve never had dreams like this before or had any thoughts like this. Why would I have a dream about being turned into a girl? The worst of it was that it was a wet dream, and my two female roommates were there to witness it. What was also just as weird was that they were wearing the same outfit that every girl in the dream was. Amber and Ashley looked down at me laughing. “Omg were you having a wet dream?” “I think he was Amber!” “Hahahahah” Both Of then we’re laughing and pointing at my situation. “What was the dream about?” Asked Amber through her broken up giggles. I can’t remember Amber. “Are you sure? It seems like it was really memorable!” “Hahahahahhaha” I need to change and shower to get ready for class. “You better hurry. You know Miss Chadwick is a very strict professor.” I got out of bed and for some reason I was a bit glued to there outfits for a second and I started to stare at them. “Are you okay?” Ashley asked. I snapped out of it and I said of course sorry I’m just waking up. I rushed and got ready for class remembering my roommates warning about our professor and I was ready to go. We all walked to class together and on the way I started noticing girls. I have always noticed girls as I am a straight male but I was noticing there outfits also. Many of them were dressed like my roommates and I thought back of my dream. I don’t know why but I couldn’t stop looking at that outfit as I trailed behind Amber and Ashley. They were both pretty girls but today I wasn’t attracted to there looks. I think I was attracted to their clothes.
Chapter 2
We arrived to class on time thankfully and my weird day continued. I arrived at the lecture hall of my physiology class and many of the girls were dresses in black leggings and boots. Some of the boots were brown and some were black but either way I couldn’t stop staring. Why was I like this today? Obviously the dream had something to do with it. Why was this outfit standing out to me? Surely girls at school have always dressed like this. I know that they did. There was something about it though. The girls dressed like it looked powerful, elegant, and pretty. I wonder what it felt like to wear that outfit? Would I feel powerful and elegant if I did? Something told me that I wouldn’t. I followed Ashley and Amber to our seats and they sat with some other girls that they knew. They were also dressed in black leggings and boots. When I sat down I reached under my seat for my back pack and Ashley and Amber crosses there legs and I stared for a few seconds. Then it happened at that moment I started to grow a tiny erection and I wanted to keep staring but our class had begun. I couldn’t focus on the lecture I was staring at all the girls wearing their pretty outfits. I wish I could dress like them I thought. Where at these thoughts coming from. Not only was I not paying attention and I was completely lost but my erection wouldn’t go away. Fifty minutes had passed and I did nothing all class and I had to figure out how I would hide my erection as I left class.

Chapter 3
I pick up my bag and used it to cover my crotch as I walked out of class very very fast and leaving my roommates to talk with their friends. I couldn’t understand why it wouldn’t go away. I was hurrying through campus to get back to my room. It was throbbing at this point and of course there was so many more girls dressed like that on campus. Finally I was back at my room but my erection did cease. I knew that amber and Ashley had another class to go to, so I went to my room and stripped naked. I gripped my penis in my hand and tried so hard to not do it. I thought of the dream that I had last night but then I also thought of Amber and Ashley and how they dressed today. I thought of them standing in front of me while I was naked and they were dressed so pretty. They both were laughing and then they spoke “ you wish you could dress like us. You wish you were a girl!” That’s all it took and I had an orgasms for the ages.
Chapter 4
Never in my life did I ever feel so ashamed after that. I went to go clean myself up before my roommates got back and I started to ponder everything that had transpired today and last night. Everything in my life was fine until I had that dream last night. We had just started college about a month ago and everything was great so far. My roommates were great! Amber and Ashley were nice but also very pretty. I haven’t tried anything with them yet. I’m not exactly that confident in myself in that department. I wasn’t ugly but I was about 5’6 and 140 pounds and I was also still a virgin. At this moment though I had a huge problem. Did this wet dream change me? Somehow alter my sexual orientation? What did I just masturbait too? Two girls laughing at me and saying how I wish I could dress like them? What kind of guy masturbaits to that? I didn’t even have anyone to talk to about it. I hadn’t made any male friends yet and the only people I was close too was Amber and Ashley and I could not tell them any of this. Maybe it will go away? I did just relieve myself and got it out of my head. Yeah that’s it I thought. I’ll never think about that stuff again!

Chapter 5
After all that I decided to study for my physiology class. Even though I was there I had basically skipped it mentally. I laid down on my bed and took out my laptop and got to studying. As time passed my mind cleared and I didn’t feel so ashamed anymore. Not too long after that Amber and Ashley had returned from class. “Where did you run too so fast?” Sorry about that guys I just had to use the bathroom real badly. “Oh, well we were wondering if you wanted to join our study group that we are forming?” Study group ? Yeah okay who else is in it? “Obviously me, Ashley, Julie, Katie, Emily, and now you .” So, I would be the only guy in the group? “I mean yeah I guess. I didn’t think you would mind. The girls don’t anyway. Honestly I didn’t even know that you wanted the company of guys. You really only hang out with me and Ashley.” Ashley then spoke up “Yeah and we really don’t mind. You’ve been a great friend so far. You have really become one of us.” While it was great to be friends with them and that felt great. At the same time I felt humiliated. Did they think I was gay? Did they see me as a girl? That’s what it sounded like anyway. I decided to just drop it all together. Part of me didn’t really want to know what they truly thought. I decided to keep studying and to do my own thing while the girls chatted. I got distracted after a while and then it happened again. I looked up at Amber and Ashley and they were still in the same outfit they started the day in. They both looked so girly and elegant and very powerful. I felt weaker then them in some way and I thought of them laughing at me again. Bragging about how great it was to be a girl. Good thing I was laying in bed and had my laptop on my lap because I was getting very hard again. Out of no where their was a knock on our door. Amber got up to open the door and it was the girls from the study group. Oh no I thought!
Chapter 6
Here I was sitting in my bed with a boner and there were five girls In my room and I would do nothing about it. I couldn’t even manage to think sexually about a girl in that way right now. It didn’t help that Julie and Katie were dressed like Amber and Ashley. While Emily had a skirt and tights on but it didn’t matter I loved the way her skirt matched perfectly with her blouse. Omg I thought what’s wrong with me? The girls said hi to me and asked if I was ready for the first meeting of the study group. That’s tonight? I asked. Amber frowned and said “Yeah we told you that earlier. Look if you don’t want to join you don’t have too.” No no no I do I do. Sorry I’ve just been a little off today. “Okay well get on over here and join the circle.” I had no choice but stand up. Please don’t notice I thought. That was another reason why I was still a virgin my penis was really on the smaller side. Apparently it was smaller then I thought as none of the girls seemed to have noticed. “Okay girls I got the wine.” Said Julie who then looked at me and said “Sorry girls and guy.” Don’t worry about it I said, and it only made me even harder. I would love a glass of wine though. “Sure no problem and actually I have a really hard time at opening these bottles. Do you think you could do it?” No problem! I opened it no problem and proceeded to pour each one of the girls a glass. After each one of us had a glass Julie said “Okay girls time to study.” I also noticed that she didn’t even bother to correct herself this time. We all sat Indian style in a circle on the floor and I sat between Amber and Ashley. Doing that didn’t help over time as I still had my pitiful boner which no girl seemed to notice. I had a hard time paying attention as I sat next to both of them. I could stare almost directly at their legs and boots and no one seemed to notice. I loved the way the leggings just seemed to shape their legs. “Okay girls break time. Say fifteen minutes and then another hour or so of studying.” We all agreed and surprisingly I was actually getting work done despite of everything. Every one left the dorm room but me and Ashley. “I’m sorry about Julie and her just including you as a girl.” It’s okay it’s not that big of a deal Ashley, sorry about earlier you know I love being friends with you and Amber. “I know Nick and I did t doubt that.” She forced me into a hug and she didn’t seem to even notice my boner which made me feel so much more humiliated.

Chapter 7
Later that night after the study group was over, and I laid in my bed. I began to wonder what on earth was wrong with me. I was borderline obsessed at this point and I began to wonder if that dream actually did change my sexual orientation in some way. Which I knew sounded completely stupid, but what else could it be. After the girls went to bed I grabbed my head phones and tried to watch some porn and nothing happened at all. It didn’t do anything to me or for me. Then I tried the next experiment and I decided to google image black leggings and brown boots. I looked at what came through the search and saw pictures of women dressed like Amber and Ashley I got fairly excited. My hand slowly reached down to my penis and I began to play with myself and look at all the pictures. My thoughts drifted to amber and Ashley again like earlier and I stood in front of them naked. Only this time they said “Hey the girls from the study group want to join in.” The rest of the girls appeared and this time Emily wasn’t in her skirt she was dressed like all the rest. “Your a girl just like all of us and you should dress like us.” “Your one of us. One of the girls.” And that’s all it took again!
Chapter 8
I didn’t know what to do at this point. Whatever this was it wasn’t going away. I was seriously considering telling Amber and Ashley but I didn’t know if I could. I guess my plan was to take it day by day. If I did continue which it didn’t seem like it had any plans of slowing down. I could always talk to the school psychologist about it. It’s all I could think about that night and I couldn’t get any sleep. The next day I was getting ready for class when Ashley came into the dorm room. She was dressed in a skirt, tights, heels, and a sweater. “Me and Amber are going to meet the girls for breakfast. Are you going to come with us?” I don’t know Ashley I’m not really that hungry. “Well I’m not either but we all have day ahead of us.” I was still undecided and Ashley said “ You know what your coming with us. Your apart of this group and I’m not going to let you distance yourself. Just because your masculine ego might by telling you that it’s not right to be apart of a group of girls. Get dressed and let’s go!” I didn’t know what to say expect for Okay Ashley. I got dressed and followed Ashley to the cafeteria like a puppy. All the girls looked exceptionally regal and all expect Ashley were wearing their leggings and boots. I sat with them and had my breakfast and listened to their girlish conversations and tried to pretend like I wasn’t interested even though I was. After breakfast we had our serious of classes and my little problem didn’t go away. It was just as problematic as ever. When we got back to our dorm room after our classes I was thinking really hard about possibly telling Ashley and Amber about my dream. We were all just watching tv when I just blurted our guys can I tell you something? “Sure anything” Amber said and Ashley nodded in agreement. So do you guys remember how I had that wet dream the other day? They looked at each other awkwardly and said “Yeah?” Well it was really really weird. I proceeded to tell them all about it and thought if I was doing the right thing. After I told them everything I told them that I just can’t get it out of my head. They were both speechless. Finally Ashley said “Wow. I don’t really know what to say.” “What do you mean you can’t get it out of your head? “Asked Amber. I’m noticing different assets that girls have. Not what they look like but what they are wearing and nail polish thing like that. I decided to leave out the part of me masturbaiting to them. “Have you been getting excited by our outfits?” “Amber!” Ashley said “What I’m just curious.” Yes I have been and I bowed my head in shame. “Just our day to day outfits?” Yes and I can’t get it to stop. “I’m obviously not a phycologist but maybe that dream just awoke something inside you that was always there.” But what am I? “We don’t know but don’t worry we are your friends and will find out.”
What a great story, Nicole!  I can't wait to see where it's going.  How long before Amber and Ashley have our as-yet nameless (Nick, perhaps?) hero in black leggings, boots and a skirt for the study group, and initiate him as "one of the girls?"  And perhaps a chastity cage as well, to protect his virginity!  
You hit the nail on the head! Some fun of course before that. Maybe even a love triangle
Chapter 9
After spilling my heart out to Ashley and Amber I was a little bit nervous. What if they didn’t keep my secret? What if they tell the girls in the study group? So far none of that had happened and I was thankful. Ashley made me promise that I go and make an appointment with the school psychologist who also happened to be my professor Miss Chadwick. I had a couple of days before my first appointment and things were a tad bit different with the girls. Ashley on one hand had become more protective of me, but at the same time it also seemed like she was becoming a little bit domineering of me. Sometimes she would act like I was helpless which was a little on the annoying side. Amber on the other hand was being a bit more friendly with me. She had begun changing in front of me before class and when I asked her why she was doing that she said “It’s because your safe, and I have nothing to worry about around you.” Which did hurt me a little bit but I said nothing basically because she was holding a big secret of mine. Also she had begun asking me to rate her outfits of the day. She would ask me to rate it at a one to ten scale, which I did fine very hot. I also knew she would have never have done this if I hadn’t told her everything, but then what day it changed. She kicked it up a notch.
Chapter 10
The very next time that Amber had asked me to rate he outfit she asked me another question. “Nick, what have you been masturbating too?” What are you talking about? I don’t do that! “Oh come on! Every guy does that and after you just told us how strong this whole thing is and that you can’t get it out of your head. You must be doing it!” Amber leave it alone please! “You know I’m a little disappointed. Would you tell Ashley is she asked? I think you might. What if I told Julie all of this information?” I wouldn’t tell Ashley either and you won’t tell Julie. I know you wouldn’t do that. “Maybe your right and maybe your wrong. Either way I think it’s in your best interest to tell me.” Could I risk not telling her ? I wasn’t sure if she would actually tell Julie but I knew that it was a risk to withhold the information at this point. I just masturbate to girls outfits and that’s it. “I’m not understanding that there has to be more to it then that. There has to be a deeper fantasy’s involved.” Okay so far it’s like this. The girl is standing in front of me fully clothed and I’m completely naked. Her outfit has given me an erection and then she starts talking to me. Ambers eyes were lit up and then she said “What does she say? “ She will usually laugh at me a lot and brag about how great the outfit feels to wear and how I wish I was wearing it. The She always tells me that I must wish I was a girl and the I usually have an orgasm. It doesn’t last too long. I can’t believe I just old amber all this and now I feel totally humiliated. “Omg that’s so amazing. I can’t believe it! You must want to be a girl deep down!” I don’t want to Amber! Why would this suddenly just pop up in my life now. That would be something that would have been with me forever. “Maybe and maybe not. We don’t know for sure, but now that you were good it is time I give you a reward. “ reward? What are you talking about? “Strip! Stand naked before me! It’s time to live your fantasy!” Amber we shouldn’t be doing this! We are friends. “Friends have sex with each other, and this is no different! Now strip!” Very excited I did ask she asked and stood naked before Amber. Who was wearing the outfit that always triggered me the most.
Chapter 11
“Come on hurry up! Take off those clothes.” I did as Amber asked and stripped down to nothing and I stood before her naked. My fully erect 3 inch penis in front of her. Amber looked down and giggled and said “Well no wonder why you are into this stuff. I think that this is what’s best for you. “ Just because I’m small Amber doesn’t mean that this is what’s best for me. “Oh really? Because from my angle it looks like your supposed to be in skirts just like us girls. Stroke that little penis for me go on.” I did as Amber instructed and started to stroke to her and that amazing outfit she had on. It looked so heavenly to wear it. “I bet you wish you were wearing this outfit right now! Wearing your black leggings and nice brown boots and maybe a sweater. Carrying a girly little purse. This is what you want! Is it not?” It is Amber! It is! “You want to be a girl so badly! Cum for me and show me that I’m right! Prove to me that you want to be a girl!” The last line did it and I had a huge orgasm. Some shot very close to Ambers boots but missed. I felt exhausted, ashamed and humiliated. “See? Wasn’t that fun? I think this might be part of a daily routine for us. Wouldn’t you like that.” I don’t get it. What’s In it for you? “Who’s to say that I’m not getting something out of this either. One more thing don’t tel Ashley. This stays between us. “
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