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Full Version: A School Memory - What might have happened today
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I was thinking about something that used to happen to me when I was younger, and wondered what you might make of it:

When I was at infants school, at about six years old. I started wetting myself during the day. Not completely wetting myself, but enough to need a change of shorts and underpants. Now, bizarrely, I don't remember the wettings at all, but I do remember running out to meet my mum and handing her a clear plastic bag with my wet things in it (a thing she occasionally reminds me of to this day). She would have to wash and return the spare shorts and pants that I'd be given to wear.

This went on for some time (months if I remember correctly).

My question is this: Had I been doing this in today's times, what might have happened? I can't imagine a school putting up with it for long. Would I have been put back into Pull-Ups or similar?

What do you think?

I believe it wouldn't be handled any differently. As discretely as possible. A quick change of undies. and greeting Mommy with a plastic bag.
By the way, I've visited your blog, and I have to say your work is excellent! You capture the mixed emotions and innocence of PP.
It's kind of a shame nothing more might have happened.
Also, glad you like the blog!