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Full Version: Tights and nappies
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Tights and nappies

Even when I was being punished as a child I was always very particular about how the clothes I'd been made to wear fitted me.

I couldn't do anything about a dress or skirt being too short to hide my panties or nappies, but even from a young age I always had to make sure the zip of my skirt was properly central at the back, that my socks were pulled up properly and that if I had ribbons that they'd be matching in both colour and how they were tied.

One of my pet hates was when my tights came down, like in this picture. Whether I'd been made to wear panties or nappies, I always made sure my tights were properly pulled up tight. I didn't even mind wearing an extra pair of knickers over my nappies and tights to help keep them up.