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Full Version: Exposed in a nappy and frilly baby knickers
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Frilly baby knickers

The girls had squealed with excitement when they'd seen William in his punishment clothes - a little party dress, frilly ankle socks and mary jane shoes.

But that was nothing to what they saw when he'd been put down for his afternoon nap and his little dress had ridden up - to expose his frilly baby knickers and nappy.
Caught in my gingham baby knickers and nappy .
[Image: 26199764253_7113941455_o.jpg]
They're so pretty, Bill! I bet the ladies and girls have a good old laugh at you when you're made to wear those after a nappy change!
Not only that Ali but being passed from one to another so that each one can have her own personal and intimate inspection of you in your nappies and frilly panties . As if they were young girls playing with their dolly .
Imagine being exposed wearing a diaper - well not so much after all some people have their incontinence moments - - -

"BUT" then add a frilly ruffled lace in oodles of layers - now what does that say about the wearer ?

I thought so !

"BUT" then the ante is upped by the color scheme EEK SHOCKING PINK - just a tad bit out of the ordinary - what say !!!

Add to this what ever else is worn maybe an oh so short hemmed baby dress with lacy peter pan collar and a paci clipped to that collar -
Frilly anklets and pastel colored mary janes !

My goodness what is this world coming to ?
That's right, Babylock. You can just about get away with being in a nappy, maybe even a pair of plastic pants over your nappy. After all, as your mother would say when she's changing you, "We don't want any leaks, do we?"

A casual observer, such as your Aunt, or maybe a neighbour, may be able to accept that this is just a countermeasure to your incontinence...

...until she notices the little frills round the leg holes and waistband of your plastic knickers. And that they're not plain white as she'd thought, but a gentle shade of pink.

Then she knows for sure that you're being punished as a little sissy baby.