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Full Version: Taking baby's temperature
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His mother had kept him in nappies for nearly a week now, punishment for being so mean to his little sister.

When he'd said he was feeling poorly she'd treated him just like a little baby, loosening off his nappy and sticking the thermometer up his bum to take his temperature.

Taking baby's temperature
My aunt Erna used to take my temperature that way, we’ll int my 20’s. She was very “matter of fact” in her manner, and there was no resisting. So I didn’t try. It was somewhat humiliating at first, but after a few times, it seemed comforting. She would pull my panties down to my ankles, and have me lie face down on the bed with a pillow under my stomach forcing my bottom up. She would insert a thermometer and hold it there for two or three minutes between her fingers with her hand resting on my bottom. She would then withdraw it, tell me to lie still, and she left the room. She would then return a few minutes later, and explain that she didn’t “trust” the first reading, and she told me to roll over.
Then, she took my panties off my ankles, placed the pillow under my bottom, had me spread my legs and draw my knees up. I was then instructed to grad my ankles, with my bottom and penis fully on display. I began to get a little excited, but she had no reaction. She then slowly inserted a much larger thermometer deep into my bottom. This time it would remain there for 10 minutes, during which time she would rub my tummy, occasionally manipulating and twirling the thermometer.
Finally she would remove it, and if I had a temperature (which I always seemed to), she would tell me to leave my panties off, get under the covers, and she would return in an hour and take it again. All in all, a comforting and fond memory.
Here’s a modern way to do it. It’s made by Vick's, also known for its chest rub. A cruel Nurse would use both products at the same time, with the chest rub as lubricant! 

Almost as bad and just laying face down with only your diaper on with the back pulled back and having your temp taken with an old anal thermometer.
(04-15-2019, 06:17 PM)Bonzodoug Wrote: [ -> ]Here’s a modern way to do it. It’s made by Vick's, also known for its chest rub. A cruel Nurse would use both products at the same time, with the chest rub as lubricant! 


What a delightful idea! I'll get some that should warm him up, he's been a bit slow in his P.T. lately, I'm thinking a nice big blob of that on the end of my finger in the right place should get his plimsolls smoking
Getting your temperature taken by a strict Mummy or Daddy is so embarrassing! They always do it "the old fashioned way"! The Mummy I was with for 5 years up to 7 years ago when she had to move away used to take my temp often. She had been a nursing assistant in a past life and, as she said, she knew "how to deal with naughty boys".

A few times a week I'd get a series of enemas, always one warm and soapy, followed by at least one warm water, sometimes more, until she decided I was "properly cleaned". She always wore latex gloves. I'd get a thorough scrubbing in the bath, which wasn't fun, because she used a bath brush and rough flannel, always scrubbing my bottom and between it and my poor little peepee. I'd always finish the bath a bit pink from the scrubbing. Then she would dry me, sitting on the edge of the bath, before getting the thermometer and vaseline. It wasn't a normal one, but a much larger one she had found.

She would spread the towel over her lap and then bend me right over, my bottom up high and feet barely touching the ground, face down into the bath. I'd feel one hand spreading my bottom apart, then first one and then another finger, covered in vaseline, invading my poor bottom hole, pumping in and out a few times to make sure I was properly covered with the stickyness. Then the big thermometer, which would make me squeal and squirm, deep into my bottom and held there.

Eventually, she would take it out and pronounce me healthy. Unfortunately that meant that I had no excuse not to get any punishment she had decided. I often ended up crying into the bathtub, her hand and the bathbrush making my bottom crimson.

Then back into my spare bedroom, with its single bed and a massage table covnerted to be my "changing table". Thick nappies, plastic pants, onesie and often mittens too, tucked tightly on my back into bed.
How terribly humiliating, Wailer, being treated so babyishly. How old were you when this was going on?
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I've now had a chance to try Vick's chest rub, and can reccomed it, not only is it ideal for lubin up his thermometer, but also excellent for bringing down unwanted erections