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Full Version: He has no choice now
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‘He has no choice now’
 Mummy  Courteney
 Apologies for the delay in posting this latest update but as you will see it has been a busy 'life changing' time for our Baby and the Family!

Although it has been a number of weeks since the Family returned from Romania following Ian’s ‘little’ operation he is still coming to terms with the consequences of this and his inability to keep his panties dry or clean any more.
As a Family we thought long and hard about arranging such an operation and after a considerable amount of emails between the Doctor and ourselves we decided the best course of action was to go ahead and book Ian’s ‘life changing’ appointment with the surgeon. I have to say the consequences of the operation have proved us right even if Ian is still finding them more than embarassing.
He really is ‘Our Little Baby’ now and learning to accept the fact that he will now have to be diapered at all times.
The fact that his bladder and sphincter muscles have been surgically ‘de commissioned’ means that he now has no control whatsoever over his ‘toileting’ which in turn means that he is, more than ever, reliant on the ‘kindness’ of Family members and friends to relieve the unpleasant discomfort caused by continually wearing wet and often messy diapers which has become a daily and nightly ‘torment’ for him.
Consequently he has no choice but to be dressed in diapers which are constantly wet and often dirty and endure the constant discomfort, shame and humiliation this causes him. This also means that Ian is required to undergo numerous humiliating ‘diaper checks’ during the day both in private but often infront of visitors and friends which he does find incredibly and tearfully shameful.
In the past we permitted him a certain amount of ‘modesty’ which was provided by Diaper Covers or a choice of shorts but since his operation he now spends his days dressed only in short T shirts and tights which ensure his thick diapers and plastic panties are kept constantly exposed and displayed at all times.
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His ‘diaper dependance’ now requires his thick padded plastic panties to be constantly on view so that the whole Family and our closest friends are able to easily check the condition of his diapers.
Whenever his ‘Aunties’ do visit the house I often remove Ian’s T shirt and replace it with one of his pretty little dresses. We used to have ‘tantrums’ whenever I did this but since his operation he has been as ‘good as gold’ and accepts that he has to look ‘pretty’ for visitors!
Ian still finds the constant presence of my daughter April very difficult as he often confided to me in the past how ‘attractive’ he thought she was. Of course April knew this which does make his present ‘predicament’ even more embarrassing for him. She often calls round to the house and particularly enjoys ‘teasing’ him about the fact that he’s not able to keep his panties dry or clean anymore. Friday evenings, after Ian’s bedtime, she always brings round all her own personal laundry, and also her children’s trainer pants, so that these items can be included in his Laundry Chores for the Family which he undertakes every Saturday regardless of whether I have visitors to the house. 
Nana insists that he remains in his ‘nasty night diaper’ when completing his Saturday chores and April particularly enjoys having Ian stand still as she takes her time carrying out a ‘thorough’ diaper check while Baby is hand washing each and every pair of her panties in the Laundry Room. She takes time teasing him and ‘cruelly’ reminding him that her two young girls are both Potty Trained and that ‘Big Boys’ don’t have to wear diapers! It is an excruciatingly ‘unpleasant’ experience for Ian and the fact that he is standing there in a very ‘nasty’ night diaper makes it even worse for him.
Only when all his chores are completed satisfactorily is he taken up to the Nursery by Nana to be bathed and have his diaper changed.
Recently we had to visit some friends in the UK, travelling by car with ‘Auntie April’ and while I’m in the front Nana sits next to ‘Baby’ in the rear. Journeys like these are always difficult for Ian what with the Diaper Checks, the numerous stop offs for coffee at Lay Bye Restaurants, Playgrounds and Rest rooms and the inevitable diaper changes in the public toilets.
Seeing all the other Grown Ups enjoying their roadside picnics while he has to wear his plastic bib whilst drinking from his bottle and eating the mushy cereal, prepared by Nana, using only his fingers is very humiliating for him and when there are young girls in their tiny little shorts and miniscule skirts playing nearby he spends the time fearful of being ‘cruelly teased and ridiculed’ should they approach our table.
Regressed to the state he now finds himself in still doesn’t prevent him for ‘wishing’ he was a ‘Big Boy’ again. Infact a make a point of reminding him of those Grown Up ‘pleasures and Privileges’ which ae now forbidden to him. He knows that he may, on occasions, see pretty Ladies but he also knows that ‘leering’ is a punishable offence and talking to other females ‘without the supervision’ of myself, Nana or Auntie April is strictly forbidden.
He may dream of the ‘ forbidden treasures’ which lie between their soft legs but that’s all he can do. He may yearn to ‘play with his Pee Pee’ but the extra thick wet padding between his little legs prevents any such misbehaviour.
The additional padding at the front of his diaper, which Nana insists on, not only ensures that his tiny little Pee Pee remains securely ‘out of harm’s way’ but it also gives his diaper a smooth ‘girly front’ as April calls it!! 
Her two young children, both girls, are now able to wear trainer pants despite having the occasional accident which does tend to make his Saturday Laundry Chores even more unpleasant. Of course the fact that they are able to wear such ‘grown up’ panties, and this of course is something Ian will now never be able to do, only makes his ‘predicament’ even more shameful and humiliating. Worse still is the fact that Ian is made to wash their trainer pants along with the Family’s laundry every Saturday Morning as part of his weekend Chores.
We did sit the children down and take time to explain to them that ‘Uncle Ian’ has a medical problem which means he must always wear diapers and that he will never be able to wear ‘Grown Up’ undies like them! They accepted this and consequently they have become accustomed to seeing Ian ‘waddling around the house’ in his thick diapers and plastic panties and we see no reason not to parade ‘Baby’ infront of them in this way.
Following our return from Romania we have noticed a few things apart from his loss of bodily control. For one thing he tends to cry a lot more and when putting him to bed I have, on occasions, had time to sit on his bed and discuss this with him. Through our little ‘talks’ it has become apparent that he finds his ‘loss of control’ incredibly humiliating and although he still tries to apply some control he now realises that he will never be able to stop his Pee Pee or Rosebud from ‘leaking and dribbling’ into his diaper.
At times like these I remind him that when we started all this it was he who asked to be treated as my Baby and now he really is one and it’s something he is going to have to live with and accept in the future. There is no turning back now besides the whole Family thoroughly enjoy his newly established vulnerability and the fact that he now has to rely on the Family for the most basic of needs and in the process be constantly diapered. 
The fact that he may have to remain in his ‘nasty’ diapers for extended periods while ‘Mummy or Auntie’ are busy’ means that his ‘little botty’ is susceptible to diaper rash and this is something we, as a Family, have to examine and guard against when his diaper is eventually changed. Applying lots of Diaper Rash Cream helps keep this under control.
His diet has also been changed as he is no longer allowed to eat any kind of ‘solid food.’ If he is not being fed commercial Baby Foods at mealtimes then we liquidise ‘left overs’ and freeze the meals for him. All meals have a certain amount of laxatives ‘mashed’ into it to help the effects of the operation and avoid constipation and any drinks regularly contain diuretics to ensure his kidneys are kept healthy.
He also misses ‘Grown Up’ sex dreadfully and finds Nana’s method of extracting his ‘Baby Juice’ very painful and unpleasant. Although I have Baby regularly ‘attend’ to my own Princess using his tongue this doesn’t prevent his little Pee Pee from swelling up in his diaper but he knows that ‘penetrative’ privileges are no longer permitted. 
My explanation as regards this makes it very clear to Ian that by removing his diaper and allowing his Pee Pee and Rosebud to be ‘unprotected’ would now only result in an ‘excited’ but very distressing ‘accident’ something the Family or any Lady for that matter would never tolerate. For this reason his tiny little Pee Pee would never again be allowed ‘out’ let alone ‘engage, participate or play’ in any kind of Grown Up activity!
Whenever our ‘little chats’ at Bedtime end I make sure he has Teddy and as I kiss his forehead I encourage him to ‘go to sleep’ and have ‘nice dreams!’ and to ‘think about Mummy!’
Just last month I was approached about working for the local government as a liason officer for English Tourists in the area. It involves me working in the morning for a few hours each day meeting visitors and handing out various literature to the tourists. I quite enjoy it and Nana loves ‘babysitting’ Ian each morning while I’m away.
Being the disciplinarian of the Family Nana ensures that chores are completed each morning before any Diaper Change and failure to perform properly always receives ‘swift retribution’ from her and a mandatory repetition of the chore. I often notice red hand marks on the back of Ian’s legs when I return home!! 
There are often ‘functions’ which I have to attend when visitors are treated to drinks and canapes from the local suppliers and there are a few young girls who assist me on these occasions. 
Naturally the thought of inviting the ‘girls’ home ‘to meet Baby’ is never far from my mind and who knows this may, in time, be possible. I can only speculate just how devastating this would be for Ian to be paraded infront of such young females!!!
At the moment his ‘training and tuition’ remains constant and successful and the whole Family continues to enjoy Baby’s predicament and the vast improvement in his behaviour and performance.
A close friend of ours flew in from the UK and stayed with us over a recent weekend to tell us that she had decided to get married again! For much of the weekend, while we sunbathed, Ian was brought out onto the Terrace and put in the playpen along with his ‘cuddlies’and colouring book. 
It was plain to see his ‘excitement’ at being so near to us as we lay there chatting in our bikinis. The frustration in his little eyes was so delightful as he sat there in his wet diaper cuddling his favourite Teddy. Nana then took him upstairs to the Nursery for his afternoon ‘nap.’
Of course we talked about the preparations and all the plans it was great fun. 
Whilst Baby was ‘put down’ for his afternoon ‘nap’ Cheryl, that’s her name, made a very intriguing comment regarding her desire to have a ‘Little Page Boy’ carry her Bouquet and she suggested it might be a ‘task’ for Ian to perform!
All of us shrieked with laughter when she suggested this but we could see that she was very serious about the idea.
While myself and April hesitated Nana immediately agreed that this would be an excellent idea and it wasn’t long before she was busily sketching possible ‘outfits’ for Baby to wear.
The wine was flowing at this stage and all of us were providing ideas and suggestions as to what Baby could wear. Should Baby be a Page Boy or a Flower Girl we argued. This decision has yet to be made.
We did have to explain that the consequences of our recent trip to Romania meant that Ian was now continually diapered and that this might prove a problem however Cheryl dismissed this and explained that many of her girlfriends knew about our ‘Baby!’ and the fact that he might have to endure diaper checks infront of them might make it so much more amusing for everyone!
I’m sure Baby heard our laughter downstairs as he lay in his cot upstairs in the Nursery. 
After copious amounts of wine the Family finally agreed to Cheryl’s request and a decision as to a suitable outfit was reached. A Lady seamistress, in a nearby village, would be commissioned by Nana to make the final design for the Little Flower Boy/Girl!
Nana’s sketch which we all loved!!!
We decided not to tell Ian about our plans but Nana would simply arrange another visit to the Lady seamistress as she had already made a number of items of clothing for him in the   past.
This would undoubtedly prove to be the most humiliating experience for Baby and although we all thought the plan incredibly amusing it would be fair to say that April and I had our reservations about putting him through this very ‘public’ performance.
Eventually Nana collected Ian from the Nursery and brought him downstairs placing him back in the Playpen while she prepared his Din-Dins. Cheryl, wearing only a thin wrap over her miniscule bikini went over to the Playpen and bent over it and gently kissed his head as she told him what a ‘Good Baby’ he had become and how lucky he was to have such a ‘special’ Mommy. 
It was a lovely moment for us but then Nana returned and instructed him to stand up so that she could Check his diaper and assess just how wet it was after his naptime before dragging him off for his Din Dins. 
And so Ian’s training continues much to his shame and the Family’s amusement.
Mummy Courteney xxxx
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