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Full Version: More on Australian Schoolgirl Uniforms
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Hi everyone.

Some while ago I posted a thread on the subject of Australian Schoolgirl Uniforms. I think that you might like an update.

In my previous thread, I did mention an episode of the Australian Soap Opera "Home & Away" which featured on one of the male pupils of Summer Bay High School. He dons one of the school's female uniforms as a form of protest. Well, it seems that there is another episode featuring a male pupil dressing up in one of  the school's female uniform. But this time, it is not a protest. From what I can follow, he is in the school play, but there is a twist - the male and female roles are reversed. He will have to dress up a girl! (I think that the play  is "Romeo and Juliet" - I am uncertain).

Because he undergoes a crisis of confidence, some of the female pupils, including the girl who will star alongside him, come up with a plan. They get him to dress up in the school's schoolgirl uniform for a whole day! (A corridor scene shows him in his full glory, including white socks and black shoes). The plan works and cutting to the next scene, we discover that he no longer has butterflies).

You can find this episode on YouTube - just google the following: Home and Away - Romeo in a girls dress

I have also discovered that the schoolgirl uniforms for "Home & Away" are supplied by an Australian company called Mr. Charles. The dress used is called a "Summer Ray" dress, but I don't know if this is a mistake, as the soap opera is set in "Summer Bay".

Sadly, unlike Albert Prendergast, they don't do Adult-sized uniforms, but their website is worth looking at. Go to and click on the "Products" button, and then the "Dresses and Tunics" button. You should be able to bring up some images, including the "Summer Ray" dress. (With their Peter Pan collars, the "Billie Summer" Dress and the "Paradise" Dress  are very cute. The "Piper" tunic, is more like a traditional Gymslip). Enjoy! Smile
I just checked their website and all of their schoolgirl dresses are cute! I think they might serve very well to remind a sissy undergoing detention of her place as well...too bad they're not in adult sizes!