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Full Version: Please make me a baby girl
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I beg to be a permanent baby girl, humiliated and castrated, please help
Me as well I would that it would be a dream come true
Well do something about it! Join a local kink scene, join Fetlife, read, read, read...most of all, get to know yourself. But putting up curt little one liners here seems hardly the way to move towards your desires.

Andrew Jane

Be careful what you wish for, your desire to become a permanent baby girl could very easily turn into a nightmare of which there can be no escape. But if that's what you want, then who am I to argue. 
Laudable goal.  However, the problem is that the reply button (as distinguished from the Quick Reply button) automatically copies the message to which one is responding.  That's a flaw in the host software. 

You have to affirmatively delete the text of the prior message or use Quick Reply.
Using ‘Quick Reply’ is easy peasy lemon squeezy, Kimmi! xx
Agreed, Ali. I wish that were the only choice. The Reply option copies the message- ugh!