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I and my mummy An run a nursery here in Thailand. We have been open together for over 5 years and I ran it before with my ex wife. We were the first in Thailand and still the best.

We only charge $260 for the day all inclusive at the nursery. Trips out side are extra and we do take babies to the beach, shopping and fun parks.

Our website is

I am Nanny An, mummy to bABy Bunnykins, and this is what he gets when he misbehaves like now. He didn't ask my permission to join this site so he is getting a spanking.

Love Nanny AnĀ  Heart Angel Smile
The price of the nursery will be going up to $300 a day from the end of January. Any bookings made and deposits paid before the end of January will be at the old price of $260.

We have been at this price for over 5 years and for that price you get Nanny Ann for the 24 hours, food, accommodation and other things.

We do visits to the beach, shopping, Cross dressing training as an extra when you go outside.

Looking forward to having all you babies at our nursery in 2017.

Have a great New Year.