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Full Version: Diapered as punishment for soiling
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OWhen I was about 7-8, I had a problem with soiling my tightie whities, a condition called encopresis, unusually caused by retention of bowel movements until it is “too late” to make it to the bathroom. My parents were very frustrated with this problem, and my mother eventually threatened to, then did, put me in cloth diapers. It didn’t work to stop my pooping until I overheard her telling my older female cousin about my “problem” and that I was in diapers. I can still hear the laughter. I was so humiliated. It wasn’t long after that I stopped soiling, and got out of the diapers. Not long after that, though, I started sneaking Mom’s panties to wear and trying on her bras, slips, stockings, and girdles when she was away. Now I am a sissy. Is there a connection? Nancy
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I very rarely soilewd my nappies . I was given an enema every morning to clean me out . the only times i did soil my nappies i was given praise and comfort as it was known that i must be unwell .