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In this nice sunshine we're now enjoying it reminded me of summers past when I was suffering 'baby punishment' - being put back into nappies and other baby clothes for a while. 

I remember it being so hot having a thick terry nappy on with plastic waterproof baby pants on over them. Depending on how far my mother was taking my punishment I'd then have either just a t-shirt on, and nothing to cover my nappy, or maybe a baby style dress with matching frilly knickers. Sometimes she'd put me into a pair of white tights she'd bought me with a snap crotch onesie. That was really hot and uncomfortable in hot weather. 

If you got put back into nappies by your mother, or Aunt or whoever, did you have special summer outfits? Or just your normal baby clothes whatever the weather?
When the weather was really hot and my aunt and cousin were out sunbathing . I would be put into a pair of bikini sanitary panties with a big pad in them to soak up my urine .
My cousin and aunt would be naked apart from headscarf and sunglasses . I would be the same with the panties and pad .
I was never put in nappies in the day time, although as a bed wetter Blush I did get put in them early evening a few hours prior to being sent to bed, the summers then were pretty much as we are having just now here in UK, and so not only having the humid heat to contend with, there was the added discomfort of a bulging terry nappy and a plastic pants (when she managed to get them in my size) coupled with plastic mattress protector, all in all making for a few restless nights.
Being put into nappies and plastic pants “ready for bed”, hours before you actually went to bed, was so embarrassing.

That hour or two when I was supposed to carry on as normal, having my tea or watching television, with my little sister still in her school uniform doing her homework or something, and I was in a nappy, plastic pants and a pyjama top. Utterly humiliating.
In the summer (which seems like a long time ago now), I liked to put my sissy boy into a nappy and plastic pants, a white shirt and pale blue shorts - the pull on sort with a high elasticated waist and short in the leg where we'd had them taken up, short white socks and trainers that matched his shorts.  He looked like sissy boy and his nappy was noticeable without being obvious.  During the hotter parts of the summer he got nappy rash and was rather itchy and fidgety, so lots of spanking was required!
That sounds lovely, Mark. How old is your little sissy boy? Did anyone else see him in his babyish nappy and shorts?
For me it was a cloth diaper, plastic pants and just a white tshirt or no tshirt if it was really hot when I was indoors. When I would be outside cutting the grass or doing other yard work, I would have a pair of cotton shorts on and that was all.
That brings back memories of my youth and the great outdoors, my parents were busy people and school holidays were spent on my Uncles farm, when I misbehaved, Uncle would punish me first then put me back into a terry nappy and plastic pants with a belt buckled at the back to keep them on and so that a 10 foot cord could be attached the other end was tied to an apple tree to keep me out of mischief. The farm workers laughed at me and teased me. I got through it though and me and my Uncle became very close.
Maybe that was the start of my enjoyment of wearing diapers, I am now an old man of 67 and incontinent so I now need my pads and plastic pants.
That must have been very embarrassing, Charles, being tied to a tree in nothing but a nappy and baby pants.

How old were you at the time?
The last time it happened I was 13 and I have to admit I became very aroused in my nappy and rubber pants
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