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Full Version: 2019 Annual Susan McDonald Award Nominees
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The nominees are Peter Ferrar and Julie Wilson.

Peter, perhaps more than anyone else, kept the history of petticoat discipline alive through numerous letters and books. Some of his work can be found in back issues of Petticoated and Auntie Helga may use his material in the future.

Julie Wilson is a wise woman, excellent writer and critic of society, especially of obstreperous males. Visit her profile and read her works.

Please vote! Poll closes on January 15, 2019.
my humblest curtsy and vote for Female Master Julie Wilson, who very ahead of Her time saw the development of Female Supremacy emerging as the final stage of history for Womankind.

This one must admit that early on for years reading Her bold forecasts of the proper and inevitable reversal of the hierarchy of the sexes left me somewhat frightened  Cry and confused  Huh  as to the lower status and feminization (that we had always falsely forced upon Females) we male girls would have to accept as future Woman's progress would so necessarily demand.   However, the time is approaching when Female Supremacy shall be recognized as the only true template and the one that the frailer, weaker, subordinate male sex shall learn to accept... likely much to the amusement of the empowered Female as They rule forever hence.  
Come on you lot, only six votes.  Do not complain if your favourite does not win and you have not voted.
(11-10-2018, 11:30 PM)minisissyboy Wrote: [ -> ]Come on you lot, only six votes.  Do not complain if your favourite does not win and you have not voted.

You are so right Mini... like are we stranded here on an island with Gilligan?!? 

If so... i have first 'divs' on Marianne, even if She makes me wear Gingers' outfits and calls me Her "Pineapple Princess"
( an old Annette Funicello hit song)

i have cast my vote for Ms Wilson. It seems that both Peter and Ms. Wilson are true believers in the petticoated lifestyle and Female Supremacy and have contributed much to the cause. That said, i chose Ms. Wilson because She is indeed a Superior Woman and as such most deserving of the honor of the Susan McDonald Annual PDQ Award. This certainly takes nothing away from the contributions made by Peter Ferrar as his work is much appreciated!
Thank you, Jamieanne, for your vote and the clear explanation of your reasoning.
Julie Wilson
Never heard of either of them before .
I voted for Peter  for the award.  This vote for the male, goes against the fundamental principal of "Women In Charge" and as such caused me some consternation.  I personally, do not know either of the two nominees, or their work/leanings/teaching etc.  It would normally have been a "no brainer", I would have voted for the lady, but, as we are voting via Petticoated Discipline Quarterly, I had to break with my usual leanings as it was shown that he was very instrumental in keeping things going, when times were hard.  It would have helped if either, both parties had given a short list of reasons as to why we should vote for them, or there had been an overview given as to the reasons, that these two nominees were chosen. (If there is such information available, please accept my humble apologies).
There seems a tendency to weigh more heavily towards Female over male -- and that is as IT SHOULD BE!

Wonder, if perhaps in future years there might be voting on two categories:
  1.   A Major Award for two or more Female candidates
  2.   A minor or secondary award for those of the male girl sex
  • Realize it might cause added complication.... yet merely another silly male rambling.  suppose i should go put my nose in the corner and remain silent for an hour.
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