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Full Version: Big Baby
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Here is another Big Baby line drawing I remember first seeing back in the 1980s. Perfect baby clothes with bloated plastic panties and cute dress. I often fantasize of being in his place!

It’s a delightful image. No chance of the poor boy hiding his nappy and baby knickers under such a short dress.


If I remember rightly, that picture was used in conjunction with an article on infantalism, which appeared in a 1987 edition of Forum magazine.
I also have seen this image with a few changes. It was in an AB magazine I subscribed way back when … in the eighties I think.
… and yes I would also like to be in his place!
I think it was on the front cover of nappy land back in the early 80's as well .
Someone i know has sent me this pic thinking it was me with short hair . It isn't my hair is long and i have nicer panties lol .
That’s a lovely outfit for a sissy baby boy! No chance of hiding his babyish fate under such a lovely little dress.


Indeed there isn’t. He has thoroughly minimised the chance of hiding his underwear by adopting such a posture though - one wonders if he is posing under instruction here.  Big Grin
Lol Bill, I agree Ali and Girlygirl.

Silken Taffeta Lover

I remember seeing it on the cover a FORUM special magazine around 1987 as there was an article on infantilism in it.
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