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Full Version: It's so important that Baby never forgets
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It’s so important that Baby never forgets!
Dear Reader
Having a few hours to myself last night with Nana having put Ian down for the night I spent some time analysing what has now become Baby’s life and our relationship together. There can be little doubt that our sex life is much improved and the control I now have provides me with very strong feelings of empowerment, excitement as well as enjoyment and amusement. 
Ian has had to accept the fact that he is now My Baby and as such he will be required to wear diapers and plastic panties for the rest of his life. 
This was made very clear to him one evening more than 18 months ago when he was permitted to stay up past his bedtime and sit with his back to the television on his plastic playmat in the living room as the Family enjoyed some programmes.
As you know ‘Ian’ is not allowed to watch any Grown Up television at all however, providing he has been good, there are certain times he is permitted to watch ‘approved’ programmes during ‘Children’s Hour.’
On this particular evening Nana emptied his ‘Grown Up’ underwear drawer completely and placed the pile of boxer shorts and y fronts on the mat infront of him. Handing him a pair of scissors he was then told that he would never again need or wear such underwear and Baby was instructed to cut them all up into ‘little pieces’ so that they could be disposed of.
That evening Baby sat there for two hours cutting up what used to be his underwear watched by my daughter April, Nana and myself as we enjoyed our programmes on the television. 
Eventually the task was completed and the rags were then placed in a plastic bag and Nana dumped it in the Trash Can by the house.
His only underwear from that evening onwards would now be diapers as he no longer owned or possessed any Grown Up undies at all.  
In all our minds it is important that Ian is constantly reminded, each and every day, of all those Grown Up ‘pleasures and privileges’ which he is now no longer ‘old enough’ to enjoy or participate in. The mere glimpse of Nana’s pantie girdle or a pair of my pretty panties or stockings excites him and, I know, causes him acute frustration.
Ian has had to learn to suffer in silence and accept, what is essentially, a ‘sexless’ future obediently.
Of course he thinks about sex this is quite natural as his psyche is still that of an adult male however the thick ‘damp’ padding between his legs and the difficulty he experiences when walking acts as a constant reminder of his genuine age and predicament.
Ian has not been permitted any attempt at ‘penetrative’ sex for more than a year and he has been ‘gently’ reminded that this is something he will ‘never’ experience again as his tiny little PeePee is far too small to bring any kind of pleasureable sensation to a Lady of any age.
Apart from his need to wear diapers and plastic pants all the time it is also the loss of both Privacy and Modesty which has had the most powerful effect on Ian. The fact that more and more friends of ours are aware of his ‘childish’ condition causes him acute embarrassment as they often appear at the house quite unexpectedly. Whenever this happens Baby is always required to demonstrate good manners by stopping whatever ‘chore’ he may be doing and politely greet the visitor and then return to his duties.
This Rule means that Baby is constantly in ‘fear’ of visitors everyday as the loss of Modesty and Privacy means he will be ‘paraded’ infront of them no matter who they might be.
The Lady who delivers the post everyday certainly enjoys seeing him dressed in his little T shirt and thick diapers. Infact she now comes into the house on occasions and has a coffee with me while Baby waddles around performing his chores for Mummy!
Whenever I do take Ian ‘out’ I do put him in shorts over his diaper and plastic panties. I have a friend manufacture a few pairs of these ‘special’ shorts for Ian however they do only permit the minimum of modesty for him.
They are high waisted with belt loops so that they can be secured on him properly. The legs are extremely short and somewhat wide as a consequence they provide little concealment for his thick padding and noisy plastic plants.
The shorts are made with a stretchy type of material which ‘clings’ to his ‘padded Botty’ and creates a very ‘noticeable’ silhouette.
The extra padding in his diaper which is needed whenever we do go out makes it difficult for Baby to walk properly. He has no option but to ‘waddle’ like all the other Babies who are learning to walk. 
One does have to be very careful when ‘out and about’ not to cause offence to others who might not understand the strict ‘regressional’ programme Ian is now having to endure  however there are moments when I can’t help myself from causing him embarrassment! 
One simple question asked at a precise moment such as: ‘Does Baby want to make PeePee?’ or ‘Do you want to go Potty?’ ‘Have you made a Boo Boo in your diaper Baby?’ can produce the most extraordinary result. When asked in the proximity of other Grown Up Ladies the consequences can be most amusing!
I well remember asking Ian if he needed the Potty infront of a young sales girl in a department store. Ian immediately blushed so much it practically lit up the department! The salesgirl, on the other hand, smiled ‘sweetly’ and directed me to the BabyChange Room!!!!
There is one ‘activity’ which I particularly enjoy having Baby undertake. Some of you might remember that Ian is a professional artist and occasionally I set up a special ‘Still Life’ in the studio consisting of a number of my panties and stockings. As he sits there ready to perform this exercise I slip my panties off infront of him and place them on top of the collection as a final ‘tease!’ Baby now has to sit there for two or three hours while completing a drawing of them for me!
I get a real sense of power out of having Ian spend time doing this as I know how frustrating it is for him to have to stare at my ‘warm’ panties so intensely for long periods.
It’s reassuring to know that by having his ‘Babymark’ permanently tattooed on his Botty he can never forget his true position in this Family. He knows that should he carelessly expose this shameful ‘sign’ the consequences would be extremely humiliating for him and in this way it provides a constant ‘worry’ for him. He must learn to live with it and realise it’s meaning and importance!
Over the last two years there have been many moments of anxiety, shame, frustration, humiliation and outright terror for Ian as every aspect of his adulthood has gradually been stripped away. The fact that he is in diapers all the time has had some incredible consequences and in many ways been responsible for the considerable improvement in his behaviour and demeanour.
 At home it is a Rule that his diapers must, at all times, be clearly ‘on display’ for all to see and his tiny little T-shirts ensure that this is the case. To see his big plastic, padded Baby Botty helplessly displayed in this manner reinforces his childish position in the Family and provides much amusement for both the Family and visitors!
After all there is nothing more appealing to a Mummy than seeing her helpless little Baby as he attempts to crawl around on the floor with his diapered Botty on display for everyone to admire!   
As you know Ian now has his own Nursery next door to my bedroom and is only ever permitted to enter my bedroom when instructed to do so. Likewise the two Grown Up toilets are also strictly out of bounds for Baby unless he is cleaning them under the supervision of a Grown Up. 
The nightly routine of being brought downstairs after bathtime and diaper change at 6.30pm so that he can say ‘Nite Nite’ to all the Family and any other Grown Ups who might be present is a daily humiliation which is extremely embarrassing for him.
Dressed in his thick night diaper and his BabyGrow, hair neatly combed, teeth cleaned and smelling of Baby powder Ian is led round the room by Nana and he is required to stand there infront of each Grown Up and repeat the phrase:
‘Nite Nite Auntie. It’s Bedtime for Babies!’
His addiction to masturbation has been ‘cured’ his chastity cage and by the extra padding inserted into the front of his diaper. This not only soaks up considerably more Wee Wee and extends time between Diaper Changes but it also prevents him from touching or playing with his little PeePee. It also makes the front of his plastic panties much more presentable as there are no ugly and distasteful bulges to be seen. 
Indeed the front of his diaper looks smooth and very ‘girlie!’ Having said this the extra ‘pressure’ the additional padding exerts on his little Pink Cage does act as a continual reminder to him that his PeePee is ‘locked’ away safely!
There are ‘special rewards’ which I occasionally allow Ian if his behaviour and effort warrant it. One of these is the ‘Play Diaper’ which always amuses the Family.
Unable to masturbate like the Grown Ups do Nana unlocks his cage and places a plastic liner inside a thick diaper and once dressed in this way Nana then dribbles a small amount of Baby Oil down inside the front of the Diaper so that his Tiny Little Pee Pee becomes all ‘squidgy’ against the plastic.
Baby is then given Dolly and made to lie on his tummy on his bed in the Nursery and instructed to ‘play’ Big Boy’ with Dolly! To watch him ‘humping’ his diaper while kissing Dolly and forced to listen to the humiliating instructions and ‘encouragement’ from the Family is so amusing. ‘Love Dolly Baby’ ‘Make stickies for Dolly Baby’ ‘Kiss Dolly’s panties Baby’ ‘Does Baby love Dolly?’ ‘Show Dolly how much Baby loves her’ etc… Once again it is a ‘treat’ for Baby but like all treats it is tinged with humiliation.
When his little ‘PeePee’ starts to squirt Ian is required to repeat a special phrase ‘out loud’ until it stops ‘leaking’
Baby making Goo-Goo for Dolly Mommy!!
This always brings howls of laughter as he finishes ‘thrusting’ into his diaper and he then has to hug and kiss Dolly and ‘thank’ her properly.
I do make it a point to wear stockings now instead of tights as I know Ian finds this extremely appealing and adds to his frustration considerably. I enjoy letting him see the tops of my stockings or the glimpse of my naked thigh knowing just what effect this is having on him. Teasing him this way does excite me and as he spends a considerable amount of time crawling on the floor beneath me I know he is able to see such ‘forbidden’ treasures!
Saturday mornings are always a time when Baby carries out numerous chores including his ‘Laundry Chores.’ This too provides opportunities to ‘tease’ him and remind him of those pleasures he can only dream about in his cot. All our ‘undies’ have to be hand washed in the Laundry Room and Baby spends many hours caring for all our pretty underwear washing and ironing them to perfection.
Apart from the acute frustration this chore causes him there is also the shame and humiliation he feels when having to hand wash the little panties of my daughters’ children. Unlike Baby they are Potty Trained and able to wear Big Girl panties although it has to be said there are occasions when they do have ‘unfortunate’ accidents resulting in a very unpleasant but necessary ‘chore’ for Baby.
Seeing, holding and washing our panties as well as the children’s little panties knowing that he will never be ‘old enough’ or ‘permitted’ to wear such ‘Grown Up’ underwear is extremely humiliating for him especially as he is always made to carry out this chore while still wearing his ‘nasty’ night diaper until all his Saturday Chores have been completed and inspected by Nana.
So much of Saturday is taken up with Baby Chores and thankfully there are no Diaper Changes for Ian until every chore is completed satisfactorily. This of course means that for most of the weekend I am free to relax and socialise with friends and generally enjoy some ‘my time.’
Saturday evenings April and I often go out to dinner with friends or to the theatre so Baby is left in the ‘care’ of Nana who also babysits April’s two children. It’s always amusing to know that Ian is put to bed earlier than the two girls as they are always allowed to ‘stay up late’ with Nana on Saturday evenings as there is no school the next day!
Nana clearly enjoys her authority and empowerment over her ‘son in law’ and has taken to the Role of ‘carer’ with great enthusiasm. She delights in ‘babying’ him and teasing him and removing any hint of adulthood. She has been a great help in organising and assisting in Ian’s Regressional Training. 
As an early riser it is Nana who unlocks the Nursery in the morning and supervises his only Pottytime of the day however this ‘treat’ used to be a relatively private event up in the Nursery but Nana made the decision to make Pottytime more ‘sociable’ and ‘shameful’ for Baby.
With his wet night diaper removed Ian is led down to the kitchen and made to sit on the Potty in the corner with his hands on his head forbidden to turn around while Nana makes coffee and enjoys her first cigarette! Baby has to kneel over the Potty and ‘make Pee Pee’ for Nana first and this is then poured over his morning cereal. The Potty is then replaced under Baby and he is made to sit down on it and ‘make Boo-Boo’s’ for Nana. Ian has to remain on the Potty until Nana is satisfied with his ‘performance’ however this is not the end of Baby’s shameful experience. Nana has a final humiliation for Baby.
When Nana finishes her second cup of coffee and no more ‘potty noises’ have been heard from the corner Ian is instructed to stand up, bend over and ‘open’ his Botty Cheeks for Nana!
Ian has to remain in this humiliating position while Nana puts on a pair of latex ‘examination’ gloves and proceeds to examine Baby’s Botty thoroughly by inserting her fingers up inside Baby’s Rosebud to assess whether or not Baby has anymore Boo Boos for Nana!  Only after a successful, and very uncomfortable, examination is Baby led upstairs to the Nursery and put ‘straight’ into his Day Diaper. 
Of course I often come down to the kitchen to find Baby sitting on the Potty and Nana reading the newspaper and enjoying her coffee.
To see Ian sitting there on his tiny little Potty in the corner making his morning ‘Boo Boos’ for Nana is a most amusing and enjoyable start to the day!
When friends or guests are staying over at the house after a typical late night dinner party the morning Pottytime is absolutely mortifying for Ian but Nana refuses to make any concessions as to Baby’s Modesty or Privacy! 
Regardless of who is in the house Baby is ‘put on the potty’ every morning in the corner on the kitchen floor! Personally I find this incredibly amusing and enjoyable. When guests eventually come down to the kitchen the sight of Baby in the corner sitting on his Potty always brings howls of laughter and Nana, I know, particularly enjoys both their reaction and the excruciating shame which Baby is made to endure.
 His morning routine before going off to work has now been replaced with Sippy Mugs full of ‘Mummy’s Juice’ and bowls of sloppy WEEtabix which he has to scoop up using only his fingers while sitting in his diaper, plastic panties, T-shirt and his plastic Bib.
Like all obedient and well behaved children Baby is not permitted to leave the table until he has eaten up all his cereal and consumed at least two full sippy mugs full of ‘juice.’
It has taken many months of patient ‘tuition’ to reach this stage in our relationship but it has been worth it and, at times, incredibly amusing and enjoyable for both of us. The fact that Ian’s little PeePee has learnt to ‘dribble’ constantly and uncontrollably into his babypants means that he now has no choice but to be diapered all the time. It has become a necessity rather than an option for him. The consequences of this ‘development’ means that Ian is frequently having to have his diaper checked by Nana or myself and this is something Ian finds extremely embarrassing especially when carried out in public or infront of guests at the house.
We have not yet reached this point with his ‘Boo Boos’ however the nightly suppositories, frequent enemas, Nana’s invasive ‘Potty’ examinations, my favourite strap-on, and his time spent on the Extraction Board are having an effect on his Rosebud and weakening his rectal muscles considerably. 
Undoubtedly the most influential ‘training’ tool has been the Tunnel Plug and the extended ‘punishment’ periods during which this is ‘securely’ inserted into Baby’s Botty. While this is inserted in Baby’s Botty for set periods such as days, weeks or in one case a month Baby’s Rosebud remains open and unable to close and consequently Baby is unable to prevent himself from ‘making messes’ in his diaper. 
The consequences of having the Tunnel Plug placed up inside Baby’s botty are considerable. It is an extremely uncomfortable and painful ‘punishment’ for Baby as it forces Baby’s Botty open, weakening his rectal muscles and preventing Ian from having any control over his ‘movements.’ Unable to control his bowels Baby has no option but to use his diapers just like all the other Babies.
The longer the Plug remains in position the weaker his muscles become and consequently the more unable he is to ‘hold back’ any Boo Boos.
There was an ‘incident’ with Ian some weeks ago which Lauren, one of his babysitters, reported to Nana and I on our return from a night out. It involved him showing ‘defiance’ to Lauren when instructed to do something. This, of course, was unforgiveable and Nana hatched a plan to deal with this truculent behaviour.
The following morning, after breakfast and Pottytime, Ian was dressed in his thick day diaper, white tights and T shirt and ‘marched’ to the car where he was strapped into the back on his booster seat which he hates because it raises him up in the car thus preventing him from hiding from view.
His pacifier was forced into his mouth and he was warned of the consequences of spitting it out.
Nana and I then drove to a nearby Nursery School and parked the car.
Numerous mothers were depositing their ‘Toddlers’ at the school and they were handed over to the young Nursery Nurses before leaving.
Nana and I got out of the car and went to have a coffee at a nearby café leaving Ian strapped into his seat in the back of the car.
It was clear from the expression on Ian’s face that he was absolutely terrified of being there and the possibility of being discovered. 
On our return some 45 minutes later Ian was still sucking his pacifier with his face lowered in an attempt to hide his shame.
Nana then reminded him of his ‘unacceptable’ behaviour the night before with Miss Lauren and told him that if he ever displayed such ‘defiance’ again Nana would speak to the Head of the Nursery School and he would find himself being dropped off there every morning along with all the other children.
It proved to be a very effective warning and he now does as Miss Lauren tells him!   
Mummy and those special ‘Bonding’ Moments
Creating a ‘bond’ between Baby and Mummy comes in many different ways but is a very important part of our developing relationship. The cuddles, the human touch all provide reassurance however there is one ‘special’ moment for Ian and one which surpasses everything.
The Night Bottle or Night Feed as we call it provides a most special moment for us both. Before slipping into my bed I visit the toilet and fill Ian’s bottle. If I’ve been enjoying a night with the Girls the wine helps to ‘flavour’ his bottle however most times the bottle is filled ‘au natural.’
 I usually unlock the Nursery door wearing only my underwear or a short nightie and undo the cot straps so that Ian can crawl over and lie on the little sofa with his head on my lap looking up at me.
He knows what is coming and as I undo the pacifier strap he eagerly opens his mouth ready for his Night Feed.
There is no hesitation anymore Baby knows what is expected of him.
With one hand I hold the bottle in place and with the other I stroke his hair or the front of his plastic panty as he sucks away consuming my most precious juice which is still warm from Mummy’s Tummy! The swelling in his wet diaper tells me just how much Baby likes this special treat. It’s exciting for me too!
Moments such as these are VERY special for us. To watch him suck away on the large teat and ‘lovingly’ consume all my WeeWee in this way is proof of his ‘devotion’ and that he has willingly accepted the authority I have over him. He knows that he must finish the whole bottle before being allowed back in his bed. 
As a final ‘treat’ I allow Baby to watch me remove my warm (and often moist) panties and secure them on the side of the cot not far from his face so that he can lie there, in his wet diaper, and look at them all night. With his wrists firmly secured by the cot straps he is quite unable to touch them and he knows, from past experience, that touching them can only bring severe and painful consequences! He can only lie there and imagine what ‘treasures’ have been inside Mummy’s panties all day!
I then kiss his forehead and lock the Nursery door before retiring to my bedroom. I switch the baby monitor on, making sure I reverse it so that Ian can hear my voice, as I lie on the bed enjoying my ‘friendly little vibrator’ knowing Baby can hear my breathing and any sounds of pleasure which may, quite uncontrollably, escape me!
My goodness the time has flown by while recounting all this and it is late and Time for Baby’s Night Feed. Good night Readers I’m sure there will be more to come over the next months and years of Ian’s Regression.
Wow! I love the way you find your total control so exciting. I wish there were more ladies like you. Perhaps as you show how wonderful it is to exercise complete dominance over a male to the other ladies of all ages, it will spread. The potent combination of maternal instinct and feminine cruelty may become more exciting to more Ladies than boring 'conventional' relationships. I certainly hope so.

One other thought. Surely by putting your used panties over his face and fastening them, you will further condition him to your heavenly scent and increase his awe of you.