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Full Version: Readi plastic pants
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Has anyone used Readi plastic pants? What were they like? Are they nice and tight round the legs and waist to stop any leaks?

And does anyone know a shop that sells them? I know I can order online, but I quite like the thrill of buying nappies etc in personĀ  Smile
Never used Readi pants before . Mummy always gets my pants from here . . Really ggod quality and they work .
In the end I bought some plastic pants and a onesie from here:

The plastic pants are excellent, and come in a range of colours and patterns. They're nice and tight round the legs and waist, but baggy enough for even a triple nappy.

You can order online and either have it delivered, or go and collect it in person from their stores in Bolton or Aylesbury. I collected mine, and spent a while looking around the lovely shop they have too.
i got a pair of small readi plastic pants they wont even fit over a nappy