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Full Version: Girly Guys
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Tony Miranda
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Has there ever been such a lavish collection of enlightened souls. A vision of the future  Big Grin
(08-30-2016, 06:30 AM)Lssy Wrote: [ -> ][Image: tumblr_mojycmghoV1rb9a6wo1_500.jpg][Image: tumblr_mojycmghoV1rb9a6wo2_400.jpg]
This is a pretty accurate reflection of the sort of dress that I would find myself in during nappy and dress punishment.

If we had been naughty, my sister and I could expect to find ourselves skipping and prancing about wearing one of these with a nappy on underneath. Can you imagine what it felt not only wearing such prissiness but having to act so girly, skipping about playing hopscotch etc? And with what could often be a dirty nappy on underneath, it took embarrassment to a whole new level and certainly provided the motivation needed to stay on the straight and narrow.
Do I recall someone asking for real pictures of boys wearing traditional girls clothing recently?  Cool
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