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Full Version: Do you like my new baby pictures?
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Just took a lot more pictures of me dressed as a baby with my new remote control camera, it means I can take pictures without having to keep getting up to set the timer on the camera and then get back on my bed to pose, I can just lay on my bed and press a button.

Baby Phillip
Looks like you have plenty of diapers on.Very cute set for baby
Very nice every inch a baby love the baby clothes
(08-16-2016, 11:23 AM)Jaqueline Wrote: [ -> ]Very nice every inch a baby love the baby clothes

Thank you for your comments, I took 162 pictures of myself so dressed, so will post more later. I have a new camera with a remote control, so much quicker than what I had to do before, set up the camera, put it on timer, get in position and having to keep doing that for every picture. Baby Phillip
Do some are such a cute baby.
Where do you get your nappies and plastic pants
That's a lovely big thick nappy you have on! Very cute and babyish!