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Punished by my Mommy.

First of all some background. I have a very sweet girlfriend who believes I am a little boy and need strict diaper discipline at all times. She is very serious about and is slowly training me to become her fully obedient diaperboy. I am not a sissy, but aside from not wearing girly clothes, my treatment is very similar. She makes me call her "Mommy". Sadly, we live apart so our means of contact...and for her to discipline me, are pretty limited. 

Two days ago we had a bit of a falling out. Well, I had one. Without going into details too much I had said something very unfair and hurtful to her..something that turned out not be correct either. I was doubly wrong and after she kindly and patiently explained, I saw how wrong I was. I felt super ashamed and bad...I had gotten angry with her for no reason and accused her of something unfairly. 

As you understand, she was quite angry with me. I had hurt her and made her feel afraid of losing me. She thought this warranted a punishment. A harsh one. As part of my punishment she wanted me to write about it on a public forum. 

Often mommy's punishments consist of two parts. An immediate one, and often she takes away some of my big boy privileges, or tightens my daily rules. 

The first part was familiar. I had to go in the corner for 10 minutes, pushing a coin against the wall with my nose. This means you have to stay perfectly still. If I drop the coin I have to start again. This is a common punishment, for when I wake up with a wet diaper. But mommy had a mean addition, I had to slide my diaper down and pleasure my bottom with a buttplug by moving it around. This is sort of pleasurable but starts to hurt after a while, because I'm not so used to having something inside me yet. I had to say 'thank you, mommy' with every thrust. 

It was made worse because I was wearing my chastity device. Mommy is training me to get used to wearing one so she can lock me up when we get together. She is a firm believer in chastity, as a little boy who still wets himself she doesn't consider me ready or able to play with myself responsibly Sad Mommy knew using the plug would make me hard and that would be uncomfortable and painful in the tiny cage. Mommy told me to think of this as preparation for when we're together. She plans to get a strap-on and use it regularly to make sure I know my place. 

And it did hurt, but I knew that stopping would mean starting over from the beginning...I really really wanted to avoid that at all cost. I felt really bad about what I had done, and wanted to make it up and make my Mommy happy with her little boy again.

After this we had a long and good conversation about what happened and how to avoid it ever happening again. I was really happy that she was so understanding and patient, because many other women would've given up on me. Mommy doesn't, but she does take what happened as a clear sign of how immature I am and how much my special discipline is needed.

But my punishment wasn't done yet. Because I'm a bedwetter, a lot of my discipline centers around bedtime. Mommy has gotten me used to a fixed bedtime that she sets for me. She also makes me wear a diaper every night, if it's wet in the morning I get punished because mommy grants me 4 toilet breaks every day and that should be more than enough to stay dry. Lately she has also taken to making me wear plastic clothes, to bed and sometimes underneath my clothes during the day. I always have to wear plastic panties when I'm not diapered. 

Wearing my plastics, as mommy calls them has definitely been a learning experience. They feel very humiliating and I always become very subdued once I have them on. My most hated item is a long sleeve pyajama top, the plastic is rather thick and clingy and it covers my entire upper body and arms. Of course mommy wanted me to wear this to bed, together with an extra thick diaper, my collar and cuffs and of course plastic panties. 

By then I felt so little and submissive that I wasn't even able to protest anymore, and scared any whining would get me further into trouble. Strangely I did sleep well

The next morning Mommy told she wants me to start wearing my diapers during the day as well. Again I didn't protest even though I'm so embarrassed I'm now diapered all day. Mommy doesn't want to say if this will be permanent, I hope not. The same goes for my plastic pyjama top which she made me wear again last night :Sad

Because of what happened I feel really little when I'm talking to her and I no longer dare to be as boisterous and 'big' as I was. She doesn't like back talking and protest to begin with. 

It was a very harsh punishment (for us) but I think I really needed a lesson and learned it well. I know and understand what I did wrong and I'm going to do my best to avoid it from now on. 

So that's it, my punishment. 
Please feel free to ask any questions if you have them. Mommy told me to answer them openly and honestly.
It sounds like you got exactly what you deserved. The only thing I wonder is why she didn't put you across her lap for a sound spanking on your bare bottom. Does your Mommy ever spank your bottie?
Hi Ali,

Well, like I said: we live apart... countries apart actually Sad
So we're very limited in what we can do and work on something like an honor system. I could lie to mommy and avoid punishment and my rules that way, but that would ruin the trust the we've built. Not to mention make me feel bad.

We are trying to get together as soon as possible because we're both sure we want this and each other Smile

Not being spanked regularly, or at least whenever I get too big for my boots probably has more to do with my outburst than I'd like to admit *blush.
Hey diaperedByDesign (good name by the way)
I enjoyed the account of your "punishment" - though I have to say it is treatment which many of us would not be unhappy to have imposed upon us!
Hi hooded,

Thank you for your kind words.
*blush...well I've found that wanting it and having it imposed on you daily can be a bit different :-s Being turned on by it kind of makes it a honey trap.

These rules are very easy for my girlfriend to impose, but they are definitely not play, and once they're in place it's very hard to have them scrapped. Although I can't say my Mommy isn't lenient and kind if I behave and merciful if I show true regret *blush.

After a long time of being treated like this, it has definitely changed me. If someone takes a stern tone with me it's very hard not to slip into my little boy behaviour. If they then present me with a diaper it's almost instant capitulation Undecided Even though we live so far apart, my Mommy now knows me well enough to know which buttons to press.
It sounds like time mommy introduce you to petticoating. Being in frilly dresses is a good punishment for a bad little boy. O bet mommy would enjoy seeing your diaper hanging below your dress and petticoats.
In fact we've discussed this and while I would be open to it to please her, she isn't interested in feminising me.
There's nothing quite so humiliating as being put into a little baby dress that's not quite long enough to cover your nappy and baby knickers.
That's definitely true Ali. I would do it for her if she wanted me to, but it's about real discipline with us, not what I want. And trust me, my girlfriend has a lot of ways to make it very humiliating, even for a little boy.

I think a big factor is my looks. I look rather manly...or boyish, with some work. Feminine would always remain a stretch. If I would make a cute, little diminutive sissy like a lot of you here, I suppose it would be a different story. But I totally get why the prospect of me 'en femme' is not very appealing to her. I'd be a big guy in an ill fitting dress. Very humiliating, yes indeed...just not very appealing to her, which also makes it less appealing to me because I like to please Smile

This makes me glad I only have an interest in crossdressing and not actual gender dysphoria. I think the clothes are beautiful (if not on me), I adore the femininity and identify with the sense of submission. Being around strong women is all I know. But there are other ways to enjoy and incorporate those things, and am much more interested in building a loving long term relationship than seeing every last one of my dirty little fantasies come true. I already consider myself quite blessed in that regard Wink Let's just say I've never been shy to try the things I wanted, I've even tasted the other (D) side, which was fun and fantastic learning experience too...but ultimately not where my heart is.

In the end, a D/s relationship is all about communication and compromise...just like any other relationship. The road to compromise is a little different, lol...and the communication happens along different lines, often much more formalised ones...but they're just as key to making it all work as always. The more formal way of doing that works well for me, while the more casual forms 'normal people' (never met one, have you?) use don't. While giving up all control is a great fantasy, I've never seen a situation where that really works in the long term. The really intense kind of D/s relationships tend to be short term and end dramatically....usually with the D ending it because He or She feels it's become a one way street and they're more of a servant to their sub's fantasies than the other way around. People don't like to talk about that, because it should be all wish fulfilment, right? But it's what I observe and most older and more experienced folks have told me.

In the end-end though..this has turned out to be more of a steam of consciousness rant than something like a response to Ali or RadicalFeminist. Apologies! So in any case, thank you for reading my story and providing your thoughts Smile I appreciate it because when my girlfriend told me to write about it, I got worried about nasty responses...even though I know full well you're all super nice people!
(08-13-2016, 01:58 PM)diaperedByDesign Wrote: [ -> ]...
In the end, a D/s relationship is all about communication and compromise...just like any other relationship. The road to compromise is a little different, lol...and the communication happens along different lines, often much more formalised ones...but they're just as key to making it all work as always. 

Mommy to her diaper sissy, "We're going to compromise -- we're going to do it MY way!"
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