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Full Version: Nappied and restrained
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The boy had been spanked and put into his nappies and tight waterproof baby knickers, with his little blue frilly romper only just covering them up.

He was then secured firmly, and left alone.

He knew it wouldn't be long before he wet his nappy, and then when his mother found out he'd be across her knee for yet another spanking.
Imagine having to sit in a wet nappy and those frillies, knowing that the next thing that was going to happen was that you’d be getting a spanking.
Not bad, a suitable punishment. He could use a pacifier strapped in his mouth, just to help keep him quite, and subdued.
I wonder what that chain is attached to and where it goes - and how long it is ?
AND the hands behind the back - hummm - are there more restraints ?
What is with that PINK leash - where does it go - to the SISSY collar - or somewhere else ?
There is more here than meets the eye !
I think the pink leash goes to his sissy collar, and I’m sure his hands are tied - otherwise there’s a risk he’d play with himself in the boring hours sat in his wet nappy.

As for the chain... well, I’ve really no idea.