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Full Version: More Curtus Art
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Here's another Curtus drawing that displays so much. A new student at a private school is being put through his paces. He has been diapered, and tested to find out how long he can hold it in. Not very long!
Soon, he'll have a blazing bottom~! Undecided Sad
I used to hate being left in a nappy so long that I wet it until it leaked. It’s bad enough having a wet nappy on without having wet legs or tights too.
Oooh! I just hate those yucky mean girls!
When they discover their new boyfriend is a little sissyish, they turn him into a full-blown sissy!
The clothes, the bare-bottom spanking 'til he's reduced to tears, all of it.
After that, there's no escaping for him!
Once again, Curtus captured the dilemma in great detail.
It makes me cry for the young man!
A bare bottom spanking propped up on a pillow! Now that does bring back memories!
Yet another old Curtus image I adore.
Bobby thought the baby-sitter was there for his li'l brother, but as it turned out, she had other ideas!
Notice the printing on her shirt, partially hidden. BABYSITTER FROM HELL.
This is what happens when a strong-willed girl gets a hold of a meek boy.
Big boys are supposed to be brave and strong, but if Bobby allows Linda to dress him in this way, he is certainly not a big boy!
"SOB! SOB! I'm too old SOB! for d-d-diapers!" He blubbers like a 2-year-old.
Both boys having their nappies changed together by the mean girl. How sweet!