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Full Version: Favorite Drawings
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These are two of my favorite drawings. They capture the experience perfectly.
There’s nothing quite so exquisitely humiliating as being put back into nappies and frilly baby knickers and then being exposed to the mocking laughter of strangers.
Amplified by the lack of a skirt or dress to cover the diaper or even partial coverage -
showing off the pretty sissy nursery rhyme prints or rainbow colors -
and the row upon row of lacy ruffled bum trim if wearing a diaper cover.

And don't forget about the CRINKLE CRINKLE noise generated although it may be hard to hear over the rhythmical
steps of those mary janes with anklet trim matching the diaper lace detail !

Hey SISSY do you actually use those diapers you are carrying ?

Hummm - what is that silver chain hanging out of the waist band ?
I believe this SISSY is LOCKED into his diapers !

So the answer is YES - SISSY does use the diapers !