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Full Version: Your girlfriend's boyfriend
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Your girlfriend has had enough of your pathetic attempts to satisfy her.

At first she tried really hard not to laugh at your tiny willy. She even pretended that you were able to satisfy her. But eventually she grew bored and frustrated.

When she first suggested that it might be better for her to be in control it sounded like a dream come true. To start with she wanted to go on top. Then she started to use a vibrator to pleasure herself. Then she started to use it on you - she still remembers your gasp the first time she penetrated you.

From there it was a short journey into panties and then nappies and frillies for you.

Now she's found a real man who completely satisfies her, and she wants you to see just how good he is.

What you don't know is what he will want with you once he's finished with her...
I suspect that while sissy couldn’t satisfy his girlfriend, he’ll soon learn that he can satisfy her boyfriend in more ways than one. Eventually sissy may even take pride in a “job” well done, as he services his Mistress as well as his new Master.
It’s exquisitely humiliating giving a blow job while dressed as a sissy.

Verbal humiliation and ridicule of my frilly knickers or nappies make me blush bright red, but I still don’t miss a stroke ;-)
Or in my case it's my wife's boyfriend, whom I have to call daddy.