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Full Version: Our phylosophy of obedience
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Here are some useful approaches that support obedience training.

1 erection control:  we do not use a cage. But rather a fine chain that fits snugly around under the flacid cockhead . This is comfortable when flaccid but should any arousal occur, cuts painfully into the groove under the cockhead  restricting blood flow from the head causing further swelling and pain for some minutes after the offending thoughts are banished. As well a second fine chain is attached to this on top of the penis , runs over the cockhead resting in the slit through a ring on the bottom and then attached to a leather cuff padlocked around the ball sack. Thus any attempt by the penis to rise forward is prevented , causing this second chain to be pulled tightly into the slit.

The primary advantages of this over a cage are
1 can be applied to an aroused member,  a crochet hook and some baby oil to pull the chain loop over the engorged head
2 can then be simply pulled tightly down tightly and left to punish any arousal away
3 the chain can be left on the cock but the pull down loostened allowing partial arousal for good deeds

This ability to deploy onto an erect member gives more options for switching to deny mode at any point in the arousal cycle
More about the roll of erections in our relationship: The key transformation is to change the function of the male erection from an expression or maleness to the instrument of control, Thus all correction both punishment and (ocassional) reward is applied to this engorged organ. As for the engorgement as a symbol of maleness it is not the erection itself but the thrusting forwards from its body that is the problem, an engorged member that is restrained so that it can only express itself behind the legs has a completely different symbolism. Further such restraints will inevitably force the male to bend forward at the waist as soon as they begin to become engorged. It is even possible to arrange restraints with suitable corrective spikes so that an engorgement will immediatly cause the male to assume the submissive pose (head on floor bottom raised) the transformation of function is then acheived. the male so prepared can then be permitted to remain and perform menial tasks in a gathering of superior woman.
Drainings: These are strictly scheduled. while some like to make these quarterly , annually, or not at all. these timings will work when the object is the suppression of sexuality , In our relationship where the aroused member is the primary target of correction the male is kept aroused while I am present. as discussed above these expressions of sexuality are always directed back through between the subjects legs , thus the member is always availiable for a quick correction or a playful stroke of the whip as positive encouragement. As a further consequence of this the male unless directed to some task requiring standing position finds it easier to simply stay on all fours which seems appropriate to me. However the upshot of this nearly constant engorgement is the male gets "blue balls" which eventually limits mobility and usefullness . For this reason it is necessary to drain the male fourtnightly.

The process and ritual of draining is designed to ensure that it remains just that (a necessary "process' that is performed on the male) and removing any possibility of becoming an ejaculatory expression of maleness!. For this reason the drainings are performed in a special place and never ever combined with any other interaction, correction or reward it is simply a process that is performed. Also drained males can be wilful so until sufficient sexual tension to exploit has returned the male is left restrained post draining for an hour or two, It is then an easy matter to elicit another arousal to pre-ejaculatory phase, chastise and deny this and control is re established.

in our house we have a "draining box" this has an opening lid and the back is in two halves split around a genital stock hole. the male kneels in this box, the genitals are brought out backwards and laid in the opening, the back panel is fitted capturing the genatils outside the box and the lid is closed and locked, The male is put in this box on the morning of "draining day" and the box will remain locked until control is re-established as described above. To ensure that the toxic fluid drains rather than ejaculates takes some time and patience so it is usual to have some friends over to play a few hands of bridge while overseeing the process.

The process is to bring the male to the edge of ejaculation but no further, over a period of several hours it will require less and less stimulation to keep him at that point. For the first hour or two a simple arrangement thin line and pullies will allow a vibrator to rest on the member but lift it away when the member grows to a certain point. later on as the process continues the vibrator is left in contact but gradually adjusted down in intensity. As we are playing bridge the lady who is "dummy" does this.

Finally our game completed and the subject engorged, empurpled, desperate, with a clear strand of precum hanging from it we are ready to complete the draining process. It is the privelage of one of the winning partnership to deliver the coup d'etat, the vibrator is removed and the excited lady takes up the thin bamboo rod, the restrained member throbs in anticipation..... she brings the rod down on the helplessly exposed frenulum once.. twice.. with the third whack the floodgates open, As expected the toxin simply flows from the exhausted, overstimulated member there is no hint of the nasty pulsations that would make this an ejaculation.

We then retire for lunch, later I will return re-assert authority and then release and excercise the placated male