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Full Version: Mummy or Daddy
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Almost all the stories we hear are about mothers who put their sons back into nappies and other baby clothes. 

Did anyone ever have their father change their nappy as an older child, or put them into baby clothes?

In my own experience it was almost always my mother who took the lead on my punishment. My father traveled a lot with his job, but he knew all about my petticoating and baby punishment. It didn’t stop when he came home, and of course he knew I had all the clothes in my bedroom. 

I remember him changing my nappy a few times, but he didn’t really like doing it. And sometimes my mother would ask him to spank me, but again, he didn’t really like doing it. 

Did anyone else’s Daddy take a more active or enthusiastic role?
My father would put nappies on me although it was mainly my mother. This was in part because she was around the most. Also I think it was because my father was less inclined to change me just because my nappy was wet and would, if I was going somewhere with him, be more inclined to put me into a bigger nappy so it wouldn't need changing. I think my mother liked the whole process of changing nappies and getting me dressed much more enjoyable than my father did. She'd check my nappy more frequently, quite openly in front of family members, and ask if it was wet. He did't like sissy/girl's clothing in the way my mother did - she'd sometimes have me wear a skirt and knickers whereas he'd only have me wear those if my mother said I should do so. It was similar to using a dummy or having a bottle. My mother would sometimes like to bottle feed me, even as a teenager, but my Dad rarely did, and usually only at the suggestion of my mother.
That question having been asked, I wonder if an sibling would have? Older sisters, or bothers?
(01-03-2018, 07:51 PM)FrillyBilly Wrote: [ -> ]That question having been asked, I wonder if an sibling would have? Older sisters, or bothers?

Though not siblings, I can say that when I was put into nappies there was much more interest from female cousins and associates than male (the sample size is rather limited of course).  I wasn't kept in nappies all the time - it would go in phases for no specific reason where I'd just be kept in them for a while, but when I was, if there were family members about, the men and boys paid didn't pay that much attention.  The girls were much more interested and I had a girl cousin who liked to bottle feed me, up to the age of about 11 or so.  My mother would even say to her, 'Would you like to give Mark a bottle?' and she always said yes and liked to dress me up.  I'm not sure if she saw it as being anything other than playing.