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(08-04-2020, 09:04 PM)john1962 Wrote: [ -> ]
(08-04-2020, 02:43 PM)Girlygirl Wrote: [ -> ]
(08-04-2020, 07:28 AM)john1962 Wrote: [ -> ]My wife discovered my collection of plastic pants, she already new and accepted my wearing of panties/knickers under my male clothing and around the house and had even assisted me by picking out knickers she wanted to see me in.
When she found my plastic pants she confronted me with them and asked all sorts ow humiliating questions as i stood before her wearing just a pair of shear knickers.
She then told me that our sub/Domme relationship needed to step up a little and asked me if i wanted to become her slave and wear my plastic pants daily around the house rather than hide them.  I of course agreed and even signed papers.  It was great wearing just plastic pants around the house as i did housework and the such as she barked orders at me, about 10 days later a large box arrived addressed to me, Mistress had me open it in front of her and inside wear 3 packages of adult nappies.  She had me remove one, remove my plastic pants and she helped tape me into the nappy then had me step back into my plastic pants which she refers to as "rubbers".  Once in them she informed me that if i wanted to wear baby rubbers around the house i also had to wear and use nappies also.  From that day i have been kept in nappies and rubbers, i am permitted to use the big toilet twice a day for #2's but must wet my nappies, i do have to ask permission to wee and seems to enjoy making me wee in my nappy in front or her.
I am now a nappied slave 24/7/365.
The nappies were added because i hid my fetish for plastic pants from her, she keeps telling me that if i had told her about that kink she may have joined me in rubbers but because i chose to hide them i needed to be punished for not trusting her.
Well, she certainly showed you; I do find myself wondering what exactly was on those signed papers.  Big Grin  

Having had a fetish become reality, how has your relationship to (the way you think about) baby clothes been altered?

The papers were basically signing everything over to her and also agreeing that my wages were also paid into her bank account.  To all intense and purpose everything i owned was signed over to her, sort of living will so no death duty provided i remain alive for 7 years from the time of signing and had no terminal illness at the time of signing, the second set of papers were a slave contract, not legally binding but one i have chosen to honour and being the next natural step as a submissive husband.
My fetish did not become reality my fetish/kink was for wearing ladies underwear, minus a bra or plastic/rubber/latex/PVC pants/knickers.  If i had known that she intended to bring nappies into it i may not have signed anything.
She does not make me dress as a baby, she want me to see myself a grown, mature man wearing nappies and plastic pants, she loves my pink plastic pants and has also had me buy plastic bikini knickers for myself.
I spend my time at home wearing just my nappies and plastic pants which she takes great delight in referring as my "rubbers", we are both children or the early 60's so that's what they are called.
One exception from my wearing only nappies and rubbers is at weekends when she had me wear my "maids uniform".  This consists of black basque, black stockings, traditional french maids uniform and of course nappies and rubbers but not just any rubbers, she made my buy rubbers with lines of frills across the bum which show when i am cleaning.
I do not like wearing a nappy, as for the rest, i have always been submissive the difference now is i cannot refuse an order or request and will serve her as her slave always.
It has brought us closer not only as Mistress and slave but as husband and wife.
I can certainly sympathise with the nappy wearing element; this was something introduced heavily into my own petticoating regime as a child (for both number one and number two) and was always something I endured rather than enjoyed - albeit, I have found that there are situations where I have found that the ability to use a nappy has meant I can do things more easily than others might through fear of needing the toilet. 

Like you, I have an interest in women’s clothing (though this was far from being the case during my actual petticoating when I was more interested in what my friends might think) and now present as a female full time.

For all of the internal conflict that I sense in your own recounting it sounds as though you have experienced some positive benefits.
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