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Full Version: Embarrassed in nappies
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When I was a child I was frequently put back into nappies and waterproof baby knickers. It was a regular thing for my mother to let my little sister see me in my baby clothes, and having my nappy changed. 

What was really humiliating, was being exposed to other people while I was in my baby things. So many of mummy’s friends delighted in seeing me in my nappies, and fussed over me as I were still an actual baby. 

All that was bad enough, but by far the worst was when they brought their daughters round, and I was exposed in front of them. I never had much contact with girls around my own age other than at school. Even then they mostly treated me with derision. 

So to be laid on the floor with a dress on, barely covering my nappy and frilly baby knickers was SO embarrassing. 

I remember the first time our neighbour’s daughter came round and saw me in nappies. She was a year  older than me and seemed delighted to see me in such humiliating circumstances. 

When she came over and put her hand on the front of my nappy she pressed just enough to let me know that she knew exactly what she was doing. I stared up onto her big brown eyes and she stared back with nothing but contempt. I had to avert her gaze and stared down at her pert breasts, encased as they were in a lacy bra, pressing against her tight white t-shirt. 

She noticed me looking at her breasts and asked “baby seems to like my breasts. Does he need a feed?”

She laughed as I spluttered a response, and before I could verbalise it she’d pushed a feeding bottle into my mouth and I was sucking contentedly.
My Daddy loves to keep me embarrassed, even if vanilla people don't really notice, he makes it so that I think that they might.

Having to waddle when I walk 'cos of a thick nappy under my clothes, or when he does a nappy check in a car park, or makes sure that I have lots of baby powder on so that is all I can smell... getting to be summer here and he puts me in shortalls, so I'm always worried that the nappies might show.
I think one of the things I found embarrassing a lot as a child was when I went to sleepovers and had to be diapered for bed by a friend's mother. Considering my mother made it very clear that it should not be a private thing because the embarrassment would make me want to get it under control, it was humiliating. A couple of times, there was a sister in the house who wanted to start babysitting at some point and she got to help so she could learn how to diaper her charges.
Having my nappy changed or put on me by a friend’s mother at a sleepover was one of my most humiliating things ever.

Often I wouldn’t know that my mother had told my friend’s mother about my nappies, so it’d come as a humiliating shock when she’d ‘discreetly’ ask if I’d like to come upstairs and let her ‘get me ready for bed’.

I’d instantly know what she meant, and knew I had no choice but to comply. The other boys, and sometimes girls, would then look at me wondering why I needed to be ‘got ready for bed’.

And then I’d have to come back downstairs with my pyjamas on, hoping no-one would notice the bulkiness around my bottom, nor the crinkley noises from my baby knickers.
Recently stayed in the country at a house of a friend of Daddy's who knows that we are Daddy/boy... being taken before dinner for a bath and put into my nappies and short cotton pjs and then having to waddle back downstairs to find my food cut up on baby plates was very very embarrassing...
Oh gosh, wailer, that does sound embarrassing. So who saw you with your babyish nappies on?

Was Daddy’s friend a man or a lady?